September 30, 2005 10:14 AM- another place and time

First, a shout-out to Jess and Casey who made the long journey across the Charles River last night to support me in my frivolous campaign to be an independently wealthy bellybutton lint-picker. They are so lovely and sweet I wanted to bundle them into my knapsack and carry them home with me so we could all hang out baking cupcakes on the woodstove, but alas, they just weren't willing to forego their Cambridge lifestlye for garden hose facials. Tant pis pour moi.

This morning I had to rise at the butt-crack of dawn in order to avoid Boston traffic and get to work on time. As I headed north on I93, my mind entertained a rather curious preference process.

If I were to choose what time period I would want to live in for the following countries/regions it would be as follows:

England - The Edwardian Era

Wales, Scotland, Ireland - The Iron Age

Czechoslavakia - The Bohemian Kingdom

South Africa - pre-1652

Russia - sorry, never, Brrrr

North America - Northen Paiute, pre 1500

Iran - The Achaemian Empire

Brazil - pre-1500 (and beachfront, please-- just say no to the Amazon)

Japan - Heian Period

Greece - 1000 B.C - 323 B.C.

China - Zhou Dynasty

France - Always and forever

That's as far as I got before I arrived in the parking lot and had to stop that particularly peculiar mode of rumination.

Et tu, Brutus? Post on your site your fave time periods for your fave regions of the world and I'll come check them out.

got 2 cents?

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la.dauphine says:
You mean not even Russia during the Romanoff's? Darling, so long as you were royalty, the cold didn't touch you. And have you seen the Fabrige eggs? Divine!
posted on: September 30

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piupiu says:
england during the vctorian era surely- all that illicit sex and tension
posted on: September 30

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sarai says:
wow-that's way too much thinking on a friday. i would, however, like to take out a personal ad that reads SWF ISO SM enjoys independent wealthy bellybutton lint-pickers
posted on: September 30

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lizardek says:
Any of those time periods, as long as you were independently wealthy and a MAN were probably do-able...but I honestly don't think I would trade this century otherwise. Imagine living without modern medicine and Pepsi Max and M&Ms. It just doesn't bear thinking on for long. Hee!
posted on: September 30

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frecklegirl says:
Don't worry- Just say the word and we will be up to frolic with the garden hose and your sweet puppies! :) I think about going back in time often myself... it seems so romantic until I think about not having toothpaste or deoderant. haha
posted on: September 30

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Lil says:
Interesting question, but unfortunately I probably won't have time to get to it before I leave on vacation AT 5:00!!! I promise to think on it while I'm gone though...
posted on: September 30

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madness says:
I'll play . . . Harlem, NY - 1920's Renaissance Havana, Cuba - 1940's Mallorca, Spain - right this instant Home Sweet Home - in, oh, five hours. (I appreciated your post on fussy.org)
posted on: September 30

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time traveller says:
Glad you stopped by, Madness!
posted on: September 30

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saltwaterprincess says:
I'll play too-the medieval era, England. The music, the knights, I would have been someone's wench. Bring it on!
posted on: September 30

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Marilyn says:
Jeez, I should have paid attention during history and world geography... I'll go with Steven Wright's answer...when he went to a restaurant that said "breakfast served any time"...he ordered French toast during the Renaissance...
posted on: October 01

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the spam-mee says:
Whoa-- thank you so much Casey! That is really rank of him, but I guess it's what we've all come to expect from spammers. I really appreciate your reporting it-- you eagle eye, you.
posted on: October 01

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violetismycolor says:
London 1910's; Colorado 1850's; France 1790's; France 1500's; England 1300's...there's more but whatever...these are times that really intrigue me .
posted on: October 03

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maitresse says:
ha! what a delightful distraction from my paperwriting. well-- I would have to say Paris in the 20s and 30s, even tho it's so cliched, but honestly since I spend all my time researching and writing about that period I almost feel like I do live then. so I'm not sure if it counts. otherwise, paris anytime in the 19th century (but only if I get to be a wealthy --and healthy-- courtesan), england in the regency period (only if I can be a young lady of gentle birth and adequate means) , england in the twelfth century (have to be eleanor of aquitaine), new york in the sixties.
posted on: October 03

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wee says:
what if you want to live in the future as conveyed by the Jetsons? Does that count?
posted on: October 03

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samantha says:
what fun, but like Marilyn, I needed to pay a little more attention in history - I am always intrigued by Britain/France in World War I and II. Of course, I would love to be tucked away in some lovely, falling apart family estate, working in my victory garden. Or else, working for the Resistance!
posted on: October 03

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Margaret says:
Fascinant, mais je n'ai pas le temps. (ou l'energie)
posted on: October 03

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