September 27, 2005 9:03 AM- best laid plans

UPDATED: I was enjoying some late-morning snark, as I am wont to do, and thanks to Miss Snark I found myself searching after Kay Ryan, a poet I don't know. (Which, bear in mind, would apply equally to 99.9% of the world's poets as I am truly a literary illiterate).

So, I am about to launch myself into her poetry because of what she wrote here which made me fall TOTALLY in love with her. Yes! Be alone. Do it your own way. Costco = gross. That of course is my unpoetic garble. If you want to know why I fell helplessly, try these on for size:

Quote one: Already it is coming to me why I don?t have more of this camaraderie; just the thought of vogue shapes for poetry books oppresses like cathedral tunes. Dorianne seems to be able to coexist with stuff like this, letting it wash over her. The more I think about it, the more oppressed I feel?so many of us writing books of poetry, with or without arc. How in the world can I feel really, really special? No, I think poets should take the lesson of the great aromatic eucalyptus tree and poison the soil beneath us.

Quote two:I think it?s good to admit what a wolfish thing art is; I trust writers who know they aren?t nice.



Last night we ate grilled cheese sandwiches cooked in a cast-iron frypan atop the woodstove. Not content with that level of homesteading I actually baked two loaves of bread in the oven of the woodstove, too.

They cooked up perfectly with a sprinkling of cornmeal underneath their lovely crusts-- but they both tasted like kaka seeing as the dough was frozen pre-fab. But as an experiment for future baking possibilities? Very fun.

I thought I was all that last night with such a plan for "Operation: Get Me To Work Looking Fine." I'd packed my gym bag for a 6 am yoga class. Put neatly folded (and ironed!) clothes in the backseat of my car. Gathered up all the lotions, potions, hair drying and coiffing essentials and set those in the car as well.

Remembered: Bra. Tights. Diffuser.

I was so ready to wake-up, roll out of bed-- put on workout clothes. Have a beautiful yoga class. Take a shower at the gym and faire la grande toilette there.

Too bad I didn't set the alarm clock.


Had to move onto Plan B, alors. Which was, of course, take a shower in the bathroom on the second floor which has a shower curtain but no outlets hooked up. Then cross back through the house, the garage, upstairs of the garage to where we are living and get dressed/apply make-up there with the help of a desk lamp.

Come back down into the garage and dig out all your clothes from the car and get dressed by the table saw. Oh yeah baby. I can do jobsite with the best of them. And T certainly enjoyed the show as today's wardrobe featured my new black leather boots. Rawwwrr.

But before I move into the current phase of photo sharing, I must wrap up last week's shutterbuggering with this mini essay on dogs of Paris.

Because dogs? In Paris? EVERYWHERE.

Do you see the ashtray next to the pug? Like he's itching to light up a Gaulois.

got 2 cents?

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Marilyn says:
Sometimes my brain can't quite wrap around the entire BP package...Francophile, author, off the grid homesteader, Vogue reader, yoga practicing seamstress, world-class wit...just to scratch the surface. And you IRON? Damn, woman...I'm never gonna get a handle on you. ;)
posted on: September 27

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Sheryl says:
Love the doggy photo essay.
posted on: September 27

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lizardek says:
I agree with Marilyn. Next you'll be admitting that you're really a doctor and not just playing one on TV.
posted on: September 27

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Kylee says:
One of the reasons I have always wanted to move to Paris (besides the Louvre, obvs, I would move into the Louvre if it was allowed) is how much they love their dogs. It's such a doggy-friendly city; my pup would love it-- I could take him everywhere. Anyway, I found your site a little bit ago and have been enjoying it immensely. Thanks!
posted on: September 27

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beth says:
Oh I adore the pictures of les pooches francais! I wonder if any of them would tutor Emma on her french?
posted on: September 27

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samantha says:
I will talk about black leather boots when the temperature, for me at least, dips below, oh say 95 degrees. Yes. The thought of leather is making me sweat, and it's not in a good way. And oh! Sweet puppies! Everywhere! Oh Paris, could you handle the butterscotch boys?
posted on: September 27

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chlamygirl says:
that is one humungo pug... perhaps he's back on the fags to drop the pounds he put on since quit.
posted on: September 27

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nichole says:
i've often wondered whether putting an early morning before work yoga class on the schedule would fly or not..you give me HOPE!
posted on: September 27

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stephanie says:
Me loves them Dawgs! And may I just say, you are like a fine, fine flower/onion/insertmetaphorhere with so many interesting layers. Indeed. What will we learn next.
posted on: September 28

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Coquette says:
I love the way the wolfish comment is worded. On a lighter note: the dogs, they're everywhere, non?
posted on: September 28

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Heather says:
Oh, how the pups would love it if they lived in Paris instead!
posted on: September 28

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Coquette says:
The Kay Ryan link was really great. When I saw how long it was, I couldn't imagine reading more than a few paragraphs, but then I just had to read the whole thing. It just reminded me that I almost always love people who describe themselves as curmudgeons. They seem to surprise me with a wonderful sense of humor every time.
posted on: September 28

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Lauren Cerand says:
I am obsessed with french bulldogs - thx for the fix!
posted on: September 28

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Sarcomical says:

i am all impressed with you at the moment...hold on while i take a step back in reverence...*step*

you were BORN to be on that PBS show, "Frontier House"...i don't think it's on anymore, but i can see you kicking serious ass on it. i don't even bake things that pop out of a can unless i absolutely have to.

also, why do you think dogs are so visible there? is it because it's more of a pedestrian/closely-situated society and people can't hide in their houses all day with their pets like i do?

posted on: September 28

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Coquette says:
Sarcomical--yes, I think that's part of it. Also, for people who are single, there is a lot less sharing of living space with roomates and a lot more studios. (When I mention living with a girl roomate in the US, people think that sounds really bizarre.) People get lonely in their studios.
posted on: September 29

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