December 17, 2005 10:16 AM- the spirit of donna summer

As you all know, our dogs have been channelling the spirit of Donna Summer for some time now. Specifically, as she belts out "when I'm good I'm so so good but when I'm bad I'm so so baAHHHHad!"


They are the loveliest, sweetest, quietest, most well-behaved, most loving dogs . . .

Do NOT be fooled.

They try to make you think they can be trusted. But they are sly sly sly creatures and ran off the day before yesterday when T took his attention off of them for a mere 60 seconds. They were back before bedtime-- which made me very happy, naturally, but I am still rather peeved with their inclination* to run wild inthe woods.

And this!?

What are we to make of this little folderol, hmmm? If you are not familiar with dogs anatomy and cannot see what is going on in this picture, Oliver's head is somewhere under Henry.

Methinks, they are due for a walk.

But! I have an update for you on the man that never sleeps and the house that is nearing completion:

*An inclination I bred into them as puppies because I am SO stupid.

got 2 cents?

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lizardek says:
Such innocent facades those two project. The house is SO stunning. :)
posted on: December 17

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liz elayne says:
Oh how those faces hide their mischievous natures...glad they got back to you safe and sound. Your house is getting there! Beautiful!
posted on: December 17

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impossiblejane says:
I enjoy that purse in the last photo! Cute pups too.
posted on: December 17

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Sheryl says:
Boys! Why you run like gyspsy dogs? You breaka you mama's heart!
posted on: December 17

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nina says:
Oh, that kitchen! I am much more likely to get excited over kitchens than dogs, and yours is a stunner. I'm currently cooking on a half size electric stove, and it just makes me sad in my heart.
posted on: December 17

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stephanie says:
I droooool over your kitchen appliances. The dogs, yes, yes, cute, trouble, etc. Got a pair of my own trouble-making tricksters. So small swooning, but not so much drooling.
posted on: December 17

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christina says:
The hounds are adorable. Except, ahem, that last picture. WHAT WAS GOING ON THERE??? And your kitchen--oh I just spent HOURS in Home Depot looking at cabinetry. I love the farm sink! What kind of counter tops? I'm being nosey but I can't help it. You posted kitchen pictures on the day when kitchens are very much on my mind!
posted on: December 17

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Jillian says:
ABSOLUTELY loving the picture of Oliver yawning. Such a "good lord does she ever put the camera away so I can bury my head under Henry?!" look of disdain. I'm with Christina...I want to take a bubble bath in that sink! Would be very easy to reach over to that gorgeous stove and stir my risotto. I also think it's scary that brushed stainless steel (your fridge), kind of turns me on...but maybe it's just the man in the picture next to it ;)
posted on: December 17

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violetismycolor says:
Ah, the look of innocence as projected by two sweet faces...how easily we can be fooled. The house is getting there...
posted on: December 18

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ozma says:
They are total loves I can tell but yes, you can see the mischevous twinkle... Your house is so amazing!
posted on: December 18

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Heather says:
Yep - understand - have four mischevious hounds myself. They are NEVER let out of a fenced yard or off leash. Beagle noses find scents far, far away. And that kitchen - LOVELY! I just got my dream kitchen finished about a year ago so I KNOW you'll love it! PS - did you get the books yet?
posted on: December 18

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Meg says:
I have serious lust in my heart for your stove, woman!! Look out, I may come steal it in the night. And those two angels couldn't possibly ever be anything but... angelic! :)
posted on: December 18

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molly says:
Why do you taunt me with that kitchen? MEAN.
posted on: December 19

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pastamasta says:
Um... what is the MUD ROOM? (Or did I read it wrong?) It sounds vaguely sinister. I think we should be told.
posted on: December 20

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chlamygirl says:
oh wow the kitchen looks BRILLIANT!!!
posted on: December 21

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