March 24, 2010 6:30 AM- what's not to love?

Huzzah! After 6 long-ass days of being without my car, she has been returned to me with a new timing belt (plus myriad other bits and bobs that added up to a whopping bill, gulp). Wasn't I just without my car for three long-ass weeks not but a month or so ago, you may ask? Why yes, what an excellent memory you have. If it's true what some people posit that cars (or, whatever vehicle we drive) is representative of our travel through life, then perhaps these past few months have seen some rather unexpected and unrelenting upheaval on my journey.

I wouldn't know. That would require me to get in touch with my feelings which is something I prefer not to do. In fact, I quite like where I keep my emotional life-- in a lock box, buried under six slabs of cement with an enormous elephant sitting on top. Are you suggesting this isn't healthy? That perhaps allowing some breathing room for an emotional life is recommended? Well, sure-- if you want to experience being human, sure-- knock yourself out. Me? I'm fine with my life experiment as a Vulcan.

Emotions are just so messy, complicated, unruly--- okay, you really want to know what I hate about emotions? They won't listen to reason. There-- in a nutshell. They simply don't play by the rules and as a result they are going to stay down in their lockbox, under six slabs of cement and the 400 lb ass of an Elephas Maximus until they can learn to behave.

Oddly, as my dogs seem to be a counterpart of my personality, Daisy and Henry play out this scenario every. single. morning.

Every single day starts the same way. (Some of you who have spent time with Henry and Daisy have witnessed this little routine and know the accompanying sound track of Henry's moaning howl/growl as he resists the onslaught of Daisy's kisses).

Daisy will rush up to Henry for a kiss.

Henry will moan this weird howl/growl and turn his head from side to side to resist her effort to kiss him. But do note: he never moves his feet!<--! He stands in place and suffers her wild affection, but never walks (or runs) away which he is perfectly capabe of doing.

And then, when I have finally had enough, I tell them to cool it and they come over for a judgement call. Who is being cruel to whom?

DAISY: All I wanted was a little love and affection, is that too much to ask?

HENRY: I would appreciate you keeping your pagan love goddess to yourself, thank you.

DAISY: Boys are dumb. And? Vulcans can kiss my furry butt.

Hey kids-- enough of that-- guess who I am picking up at the airport tonight?* That's right--> the woman who lets you crawl into bed with her and doesn't mind all your snuggling and kissing and craziness . . **


Woot-- and she will be here for a WHOLE week!! Boo-YAH! so imagine all the extra attention y'all are gonna get. Who knows? She might even be able to capture the elusive Oliver on film . ..

Bisous, E

*I'm thinking I will cover my body in glitter in her honor . . think she'll like that?

** Um, to clarify-- she lets the DOGS crawl into bed with her . . I wasn't talking about the rest of you, sorry . .

got 2 cents?

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T says:
** Darn I thought you were talking to me...
posted on: March 24

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Jazz says:
I think lock boxes under slabs of cement is the perfect place to keep this stuff. It works for me...
posted on: March 24

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Amber says:
My god, I just realized that I'm the human equivalent of Daisy! Not that I give slobbery kisses all willy-nilly, but that I wear my emotions like a sweater and not in a lock box where they should be.
posted on: March 24

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bp says:
Amber! it is GOOD to let your emotions out! Jazz and I need to learn from you . . and T-- keep dreaming, my friend . .
posted on: March 24

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bella says:
Hoping you and Miss Glittery Goodness have a wonderful week. If you're ever up for exploring that locked box of yours (I have one too) - try Susannah's e-course. For reals.
posted on: March 24

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melissa says:
Lucky you! Have a fabulous time! And I thought I was lucky getting to see the fabulous Ms. Jonatha...oh yes I am lucky too! Can't wait to see all of your lovely faces (in one place) in September.
posted on: March 24

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Megsie says:
I have three dogs here now, Franklin's two sisters are staying here for a while. They are funny, and I wish I could keep them!
posted on: March 24

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lizardek says:
If the dogs are an extension of your personality and this scenario takes place every morning, who is doing the kissing and who is doing the weird howl/moan thing? I'm betting on T for the kissing. :P
posted on: March 24

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Swirly says:
You two lovebirds get in some cuddling for me, would ya?
posted on: March 24

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leonie wise says:
oh WOWZERS! two of my favourite ladies (in the whole universe) hangin' out together. how lovely. please give each other hugs from me okay? i'm sometimes really good at locking my emotions up - every now and again though, they sneak out disguised as poetry. tricksters, all of them! xxx
posted on: March 25

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Tracey says:
I've found the deeper I bury my emotions the fiercer they become and the less adept I am at corralling the rascals. But whatever works for you, dearheart. I wouldn't change a thing...you are terrific as is! Wishing you and Jen hours of glee and inspiration! Love and Light to you both!
posted on: March 25

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