March 06, 2010 4:11 PM- here she comes

It doesn't seem possible, but I am not ready for Spring.

Did I really just write that? Surely that's not what I meant to say. I am always ready for Spring-- always ready for warmth, for flowers, for sunny meadows and sweet-smelling dogs who have been rolling in fresh grass. And this winter has been super mellow-- all the heavy snow went down to my dear friends and family in Maryland and Philadelphia it seems.

So our next season has been making her way in most gently and rather ahead of schedule. Today we have, again, had temps so high I hiked in a sweatshirt. Sun was full on-- so what gives?

Why the high emotion?

Here's what I have decided: I am not cut out for the drama of New England. The intense will-you-survive winters followed by the euphoric uplift of Spring simply are too much for my delicate constitution (NOTE: am a fragile flower, alas).

Right now, if I were to read a few passages of Keats, for example, I would literally pass out from swooniness (<--yes, tis a real disease and not something I just made up. Okay, I lie-- there's no such thing as a disease called swooniness-- but if there were? Keats would be kept under lock and key and, if you were to break in and read him anyway you'd have to be given some terrible antidote like Hemingway to try and restore your equilibrium . . ugh. My stomach clenches at the very thought).

I am thinking that I need to reside in a temperate clime where the weather never really changes all year long. Yes, and then all this wild emotion inside of me would cease to get ignited each time the vernal equinox approaches.

This is why it is key for a person such as myself to have dogs. Dogs keep it real. They have simple needs, simple pleasures and don't take themselves too seriously.

Well, at least some of them don't. There are a few who get all out of sorts if you try and photograph them.

OLLIE: Just because you can get me to sit, doesn't mean you can get me to smile for the camera.

OLLIE: Nope. Nope. Ain't gonna happen.

bisous, E

got 2 cents?

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Tracey says:
Oh, E, how you and your pups make me smile! I beg to differ. I say, complex and apt to change your mind whenever you darn well please without apology or reason, for everyday is a new day, yes. Fragile, no, not even almost. Love you, dearheartl!!
posted on: March 06

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lizardek says:
Bwahaha! Ollie! You drama queen! LOL, how this made me laugh. I was thinking right from the first photo: how typical that Ollie isn't in it. Where's Ollie? OLLIE, WE LOVE YOU! And you'd be bored out of your mind in a non-changing climate. It's only nice for awhile. Give me all 4 seasons any time (even if they're all in the SAME day sometimes).
posted on: March 07

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bella says:
Hello Doggies! Henry & Daisy give good " come on, Ollie " face in both pics.. I love it. I too need the 4 seasons. It's crazy how much snow beautiful NH can get pummeled with. And Keats? I just dipped my toes into his beautiful waters last spring after reading a ton of Anita Shreve novels. We're not going steady yet, but I can see us getting there ;-)
posted on: March 07

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Megsie says:
I am in the four season camp. At every change I am already looking forward to it. I am loving the mild temps here, but not ready for the muddy, dirty spring either. I love the spring flowers, and sunshine. But the mud? And the rain? And the damp chill that hasn't come yet, but is sure to rear it's ugly head? No. i could live with out that phase. Thanks for the doggy fix, I smooch them all!
posted on: March 07

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Chris says:
Come on down to Florida. Although, after this winter, I can't promise anything. I've lost count of the number of mornings I've had ice on my car. In SW Florida, people! In past winters I had ice on my car either one day in the winter or not at all. This is getting a little silly. Where's all this cold coming from? Oh, that's right, apparently New Hampshire was very generous this year with the giving away of the cold. I am glad for you, BP, because I remember a winter or two ago when you made mention of alien experiments subjecting humans to snow to see how much they could take. You deserve a mild winter! But I have no doubt that summer will soon return to FLA. And let me tell you, I've got some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, with clear warm Gulf waters, ten minutes away. So come on down, BP. I work at a resort and can get you a discount! :-)
posted on: March 07

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bp says:
oh Chris-- I am on my way! Do they allow dogs? *smile* and Bella you SO want to go steady with Keats . . he will steal your heart in the best way-- and Megsie, Lizardek and Tracey-- how I love each of you SO!!
posted on: March 07

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Bethany says:
Your paragraph about Keats and Hemingway just made my day. Am rolling it around in my mouth like Pop Rocks now.
posted on: March 07

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bp says:
oh Bethany-- how much do I love that you GET me??!!! smooches to you
posted on: March 07

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hele says:
even in temperate climates there are things which set of the swooning of a poetic heart.
posted on: March 07

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bp says:
hele-- you are such a poet!
posted on: March 07

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Jazz says:
You don't mean that. You's miss the swooniness terribly. I'm sure, however, despite the spingishness, that winter hasn't given up completely. I wouldn't be surprised if we got the storm that winter forgot to send us before the end of the month. I'm a pessimist that way, otherwise I'd swoon.
posted on: March 08

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terry F says:
Dogs make everything better!!! I really do not like winter. Dislike the snow, cold & ice. But being a true New Englander I will probably never move away, just complain loudly each time it comes around. What is life without all those roller coaster ups and downs....??
posted on: March 08

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Joy says:
Hemingway makes my heart shudder too.
posted on: March 08

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Lauren says:
I know what you mean. I looked outside this afternoon and saw that it was raining and thought, ugh - gross cold rain. But then when I went outside it wasn't quite raining anymore, but the air was warm and heavy with the promise of it and I nearly skipped down my street.
posted on: March 09

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hillary says:
Maryland DID get all your snow this year! I can't wait for spring to arrive. I went outside without a coat today and was practically weeping with joy. I love the look Henry is giving Ollie.
posted on: March 10

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Susal says:
Recently found your blog. I've enjoyed all that I've seen & read. By any chance would you give permission to copy your photo of the 2 dogs sitting and 'posing'. It is so darling. My only intention would be to show my friends some really sweet dogs. I don't mean to cause any difficulties if you can't give permission. Sincerely, Sue
posted on: April 10

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