March 03, 2010 6:58 PM- damn glad to meet you

Gosh what a good thing that I lugged my camera all the way to Brooklyn seeing as I did not take the lens cap off one. single. time.


Surely it was not for a lack of fabulous photographic subjects-- have a gander over at Christine's if you want to see what someone who brings their camera to NYC and actually USES it can capture.

I have put a photo of tulips from some past Spring up here tonight as before I left for the city crawl I had a house full of tulips which was so lovely. Of course, now I have a number of vases filled with browned stems and surrounded by fallen petals positioned around the house-- but I'll get to cleaning those up right after I unpack which had better be soon since I head out on Tuesday to OBX for some time with Michelle.

Meantime I have been receiving letters from my alma mater. Too many letters. Honestly, I'm starting to feel harrassed. It's all about getting me to come to the reunion this June. Why would I do that?

I have not been back to that campus since the day I graduated. Anyone that I wanted to stay in touch with, I have stayed in touch with. So, I'm puzzled. Do they think I am really going to go into a cocktail party, make small talk with people I don't actually know, try to find what classes we might have both attended, or what pools of beer we might have passed out in together? It just doesn't make sense to me.

Most recently they have sent me a survey to fill out that will be shared with the group-- a now and then, as it were. For anyone who has never blogged and missed the whole era when people were filling out these kind of things-- perhaps it's creative and fun? To me it just seems passe and sad, and ultimately? I worked in MIT's alumni office right after college so I have no illusions about why they really want me there. Show me the money, baby.

But, if you want sadness-- I've got a sad little blog post for you--->I am so completely tired in this moment and yet want to connect with you all that I am going to fill it out for you. It's true I don't really know who reads this site, but I feel quite confident that no one that I went to college has ever found it. And so, here we go-- I find it hard to believe any of this will come as a surprise to you since you actually know me (unlike my hypothetical cocktail party conversation partner).

THEN: make a living as a writer
NOW: um, what's a career?

THEN: 5 a.m.
NOW: 9:30 p.m.

THEN: a wild dance party
NOW: a meadow

THEN: weed, wine & dancing into the morning
NOW: long walks, yoga & meditation

THEN: partying
NOW: in the studio

THEN: The Sound and the Fury
NOW: Mary Oliver

THEN: Animal House
NOW: I'll just direct you here.

THEN: beer before liquor, never sicker, liquor before beer, you're in the clear
NOW: follow your bliss

Okay, this was where I really lost it-- you are going to send out a questionnaire to, oh I don't know-- hundreds of college graduates and you don't CATCH a spelling error like the difference between HEROIN and HEROINE . . but that's just me.

THEN: I was the one who broke into the cupola and fell down four flights of steps but lived to tell the tale.
NOW: I have a painting that is going to be in an upcoming artbook and I am going to have two paintings in a show this Spring.

THEN: my typewriter
NOW: my laptop

THEN: passing my Sorbonne exams
NOW: connecting with people who speak my language

bisous, E

got 2 cents?

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Megsie says:
Oh! A painting in a book?? And two in a show! How exciting! Congratulations! I thought this exercise was well worth it to learn about that tid bit! I love that none of your now surprised me, well except the paintings. I wasn't surprised, I just didn't already know that! Hope you had fun in NYC and now you're off again in less than a week...have a great time! *smooch* to the puppies from me.
posted on: March 03

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Neil says:
I don't think your college cares that much about you connecting with old friends. I think they want you to donate MONEY.
posted on: March 03

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bella says:
Ha.. Neil. I love it. So yeah, stop talking about tulips because it really, really makes me want to hop on a plane to Holland this Spring!! But I detect a hint of growth and a coming full circle in your then and nows. And some of your nows? Amazing! Shows and artwork being published?? Hello?? Awesome!!!! xxoo
posted on: March 04

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Jazz says:
I hate the very thought of a reunion, everyone there judging you, everyone putting on a show. Bleh. A painting in an art book? Two paintings in a show? YAY... You really should show us some of your paintings.
posted on: March 04

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michelle says:
i have a feeling if there was a dance party in a meadow you might be there :) can't wait to see you and hear about the BOOK and the SHOW and NYC and, and, and...everything!
posted on: March 04

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lizardek says:
So spot on. And 2 paintings in a show and 1 in a book? You are SO cool. You're the best inspiration going, BP.
posted on: March 04

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Jecca says:
That hero/heroin thing is pretty amazing. Wonder what kind of answers they'll get for that. Congratulations on your paintings! You are awesome!
posted on: March 04

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Lauren says:
I didn't even bring my camera because I wanted to let go. And look, everybody else is crazy talented and it worked out. (PS: A book? ZOMG!)
posted on: March 04

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linda e says:
welcome back! i missed you! re:speaks your language...would that be Nell? :)
posted on: March 04

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Susan says:
I really had to laugh when I read your post because I have been blitzed with mail, and telephone calls, including three from someone I actually do remember, inviting me to a luncheon at her house (never mind the two additional women who called on her behalf) in celebration of our upcoming reunion. Fortunately, all calls went to my messages. I did not want to go to this women's college, was constantly on probation for terrible offenses like taking in a cat, coming back late from New Haven, and whatever, and never looked back after being freed. SO, I should want to come relive those days, I don't think so Besides I can't take time away from my gnome creation project for Abby birthday. First things first, really. That is wonderful about your paintings, Elizabeth. I couldn't be happier for you!!
posted on: March 05

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Christina says:
Oh I'm thrilled about the paintings, girl! OF COURSE they're going in art books and shows. You are astounding. And I laughed aloud at the whole Heroin bit. Its so much better left that way!
posted on: March 05

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kristen says:
maybe the heroin part was on purpose? in some circles, i hear it's all the rage, hahahaha.
posted on: March 06

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jill nalette says:
elizabeth this was very insightful. it's interesting what we thought was important when we were younger to REALLY is important to us today, but all those things got us to where we are today. i can't wait to hear more about your art work in a book and your art show. be well and happy travels for your next adventure. BIG hugs,love and smiles~ jill
posted on: March 06

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leoniewise says:
who cares that you didn't take the cap off your camera. as long as you had the *best* time, which i am positive you would have.... love your then | now missive, that's really fun. i can totally relate to a few of those! xxx
posted on: March 06

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amy says:
I really lost it on the heroin part myself. i think it's worth filling out the survey for real just to answer that one in the most delightfully hilarious way possible....and i'm in full agreement with the others above. paintings? a book? kudos!!
posted on: March 09

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posted on: May 20

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