February 23, 2010 12:05 PM- update = not dead

Hello friends, romans and countrymen,

No-- I am not here to post-- just here to say HELLO-- running off to the post office, get bird seed, dog food, milk, etc.

(It's a thrilling life here, I know-- that's why you all tune for these amazing insights).

The fact is-- things are going extremely well. It's just that I am engaged in just one too many projects in this moment to ever be here at the computer with time to chat, but I am missing y'all.

I have things to share.

My dogs miss you, too.

I'm headed to NYC on Thursday with Christine to attend Jen Lee's writing retreat. We are gonna stay on a couple extra days cause-- hello, we're in Brooklyn! Things to see and do, yes?

Of course, if you have already been to Christine's site you know she and Vijay were robbed over the weekend and has been through a wretched ordeal . . . I am planning to spoil her good and see if I can't distract her from that awful event.

I can't decide if I am bringing my camera with me or not, but I will have my computer so you can be SURE I will be chatting with you then.

Bisous, E

got 2 cents?

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Jill Nalette says:
have tons of fun and do lots of writing!! i hope christine finds joy on this trip, how awful of someone to take what isn't theirs. be well and safe travels- BIG hugs and smiles~ jill
posted on: February 23

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Michelle Shopped says:
if you have a camera phone, it could be fun to shoot low-tech with that (next on my list of things to do), that and get rid of my higher tech d60...have fun and yes, i am jealous! ;) and hoping that the universe sends that bracelet back to christine in some way...somehow i've a feeling it will...
posted on: February 24

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bella says:
:) Have a most excellent time!! And for defs... bring your cam. xo
posted on: February 24

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lizardek says:
Have a super awesome wonderful time!!
posted on: February 24

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Megsie says:
OOOoooohhhh...have a great time! And, I miss you and your puppies too :)
posted on: February 24

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Amy says:
oooh! you will be so close to me. not fair! i'm actually ferrying Jamie Ewald to Brooklyn tomorrow for the retreat as she is attending as well. maybe i will glimpse you when i'm there--if this snurricane doesn't blanket us in white! safe travels!
posted on: February 24

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Neil says:
Don't get snowed in!
posted on: February 27

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Lauren says:
Neil mentioned you on his twitter and I'm so glad he did - I think you were my first "blog" friend when I was writing Life of a Franco-American - and somehow with the end of the blog I guess I stopped visiting those sites on my blogroll - which now I regret, because you are awesome. ps. I have a baby now!
posted on: February 27

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Laura Moon says:
Just stopped in to say hello, wish you well and send some good vibs. You sound good, I'm glad. Me? Just getting over a major MoonStorm (Oct-mid Feb), glad to say I waited it out, didn't panic (on the outside) and have so many great new plans and projects coming up very soon!! Much love, stay in touch, The Illustrious Ms. Moon
posted on: February 27

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hele says:
you always make me smile :)
posted on: March 03

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