March 13, 2010 12:33 PM- oh Simone, I hardly knew ye

This afternoon, I went down to the exact house my sister had rented last June where I sat out on the steps each and every morning with my coffee to watch the pelicans and the few surfers enjoy the start of their day. Today, I sat on the exact same spot and contemplated just how much had changed in those few months and what a different place I am in emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I breathed in as much of the ocean magic as I could. Yesterday was nothing but hard, dark rain, but today? Loveliest light breezes, soft sunshine and the unmistakable presence of Spring.

Then I climbed back into the car* and headed out to the Norfolk airport which is where I am typing to you.

A much disjointed typing to be sure as I have a bloody mary on my left and a crab & shrimp salad on my right-- I am scarfing it down as fast as I can between taps on the keyboard.

(Let it be said, New Englanders might pride themselves on their seafood, but the South has them totally beat. Yes, this Boston-born woman has just committed sacrilege, but the truth will out).

It was a supreme gift to be able to stay in Michelle's beautiful, gorgeous and gracious home. She is truly one of the most exceptional spirits I have ever met and I am already missing her something fierce, as I am missing her cat, Simone. Never before have I bonded with a cat as I connected to this velvety, black minx. She is the most perfect specimen of feline I have ever encountered, friendly and warm, but not needy. Sweet and loving, but wildly independent. She spent no few hours nestled into the space between my chin and my solar plexus and I must admit that my missing of her is actually a physical thing.


Good thing I have three dogs just waiting to fill that empty space for me.

For those of you who read here and are also going to Squam By the Sea, do we have some good things in store for you. Oh my.

Now, one last slurp, a scramble to get wheeling down to my gate so I can fold myself into the sardine can that is flying me home.

bisous, E

*I have been driving Bryan's beat-up, white Toyota 4-runner all week. Bryan is Michelle's boyfriend and a photographer for National Geographic. As luck would have it, he was leaving for a trip the same moment I arrived so I came out to the curb to find the car running and waiting for me. He, tall, lanky with tousled blond curls was headed off to Beirut, Jordan, Istanbul and Prague . . . we said our hellos and I jumped into the car and drove off feeling like I was living in a movie. It was kind of like that all week long . . . They say New Mexico is the land of enchantment, but I'm thinking New Mexico better watch its back.

got 2 cents?

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melissa says:
Sounds like you had a fabulous time. And not that I wasn't excited before about Squam by the Sea...now I am SUPER excited!
posted on: March 13

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Amber says:
If only my stars and fates could align to make me wealthy enough to join Squam by the Sea, because I'll be darned if that doesn't sound just perfect. Perfectly perfect, actually.
posted on: March 13

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bella says:
Tempting..... You are tempting me. I *think* I can make it happen ;-)
posted on: March 13

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Jecca says:
Mmm . . . I can't wait. And doesn't Norfolk have a pretty airport?
posted on: March 14

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Megsie says:
*sigh* I long for the ocean. Your trip sounds delicious.
posted on: March 14

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Sam says:
Oh, I can't wait! I just can't wait. And yes, we DO know how to do seafood. Even though I have a longing to experience a New England 'lobster roll' I can make do with my shrimp poboys until then. And for us Sea Squammers, can we arrange a visit with Michelle's cat? I mean, a medium may be needed...
posted on: March 17

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stef says:
ooooh, i so can't wait for squam by the sea :) xo
posted on: March 30

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