March 17, 2010 9:29 AM- a Spring bath for Henry

The weather continues to be rapturous--- warm, all-day sunshine and the softest air imaginable.

I seem to be back in the swing of things here and look, it's only Wednesday! A half week to regroup-- I'll take it.

One thing I wanted to share with you before I get too far away from it, is the minor epiphany I had last week. As you are well aware, I have a section of my brain (the area responsible for geography and navigation) that is missing. My dear friend Christine, having traveled with me now several times, is painfully aware of how I am not exaggerating in any case. I've already shared with you my entree, as it were, into Montreal last December, but I haven't yet disclosed another embarrassing moment from our trip to Brooklyn last month.

After the workshop ended (day FOUR mind you), Christine and I stayed on. I offered to head out to the corner to pick us up a couple of coffees and as I was leaving the room, I felt the familiar unease, so I casually confirmed that my sense I should be turning right as I headed out of the Brownstone was correct, yes?

I don't know that I will ever forget Christine's face when she looked up at me from where she was typing on her laptop. It might be called incredulity. It might be called stupefaction. It might be called bewildernment-- I am not sure. What I can tell you is that it was a powerful response to my tender question.

HER: Elizabeth! We have not turned right once in four days. Not once. Every single time we have exited the building we have turned to the left.

ME: (hurrying out the door) Yes, yes-- of course.

And secretly? In my heart as I went down the stairs? I was SO FUCKING GLAD I had asked because I was totally going to turn right and I know from experience what kind of bullet I had just dodged.

All of which is to say--- OBX has TWO roads.


And? They are parallel.

And? Everything is expressed by milepost. So, for instance if you are going to meet someone somewhere they will say-- I'm at milepost 8.5 and so if somehow you notice you just passed milepost 9 (hypothetically, of course), you know to turn around and go back.

OBX is my geographic heaven. I am never lost. I can never get lost. Two parallel roads. And that was my epiphany. I actually have a rather constant state of stress about getting lost and when I am at OBX-- I am completely and utterly free of that energy.

I drive around and smile broadly at every one I pass and I want to say, "Isn't this great? Isn't this the best place ever?"

Bisous, E

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lizardek says:
Having such HUGE Soliden cravings
posted on: March 17

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sherry says:
I didn't receive that section of the brain when they were doling them out also. It is a bit stifling, at times. I loved the video. The creek is raging! In all the photos of the pups I assumed you called them to get their attention, but I see they are in constant communication without a peep from you. So very endearing!
posted on: March 17

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Megsie says:
What a beautiful bubbling brook, and such sweet puppies :) I am not good with directions either, in fact I was having this conversation with Jeff last night. He said that I may have to find a friend to take to a hockey game that we are supposed to attend next week. I told him that I didn't know how to get to the xcel energy center. He gaped at me. We have season tickets.
posted on: March 17

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Jazz says:
That water must have been frighteningly cold. Oh,and remind me to never drive anywhere I don't know with you, we'd no doubt end up miles out of our way.
posted on: March 17

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Barbara says:
Oh, my goodness!! I haven't sat in a brook since I was 6. I'd give anything to be sitting on my butt right next to your doggies. The water looks so clean and refreshing :SIGH: We're just recovering from such an obscene amount of rain, our brooks aren't fit for man (or woman) or beast. I love your dogs ... they're so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Barb
posted on: March 17

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Barbara says:
Oh, PS, my sense of direction was totally absent until I hit menopause ... maybe there's hope for you yet :HUGE SNICKER:!! Barb
posted on: March 17

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Christine says:
oh...had to laugh at this post. you NEED to live in a place like OBX, which instructs you where to go at every turn...did I ever learn that in Brooklyn! No need for a GPS necklace if you move to OBX, my dear!
posted on: March 18

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Michelle Shopped says:
totally relate to this post! any time i am in a city i feel that way (brooklyn was no exception, having never been was i in for a surprise when i arrived in what i had pictured to be a "village" within nyc)-- i do believe it's because in the city i can't see the horizon which grounds me and orients me -- love the energy in cities but the vertical overwhelms me (unless i'm in the mountains, but that's a totally different feeling, more like heaven and peace for me and i can still see the horizon)...so, OBX in the south or in the northeast there's always ACK... ;)
posted on: March 18

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Jecca says:
I am so with you. After being here for six weeks, I went to meet the guy to get the keys to our apt. and was late b/c I walked 5 min in the wrong direction. And the apt. is only 10 min walk from the hotel! I liked San Diego: go too far wrong in any direction and you will run into (a) Mexico, (b) the ocean, (c) the mountains, or (d) Orange County. Can't get more than 45 min. lost in any direction!
posted on: March 18

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terri says:
I love that video! I felt like I could smell the fresh air, reach out and pet that golden fur, touch the water - oh the water! Thank you for that.
posted on: March 18

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Jamie says:
I could HEAR you telling this story and it made me smile and laugh a little. XO, Jamie
posted on: March 19

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