October 11, 2006 5:41 PM- day in the life

First, let it be said that Neil can throw down the gauntlet, give me a skite on the cheek with his handkerchief, or wave a red flag?I shall not be moved. Rest assured that all photos below have been posted all of my own free will. Free will, I tell you.

Now, on with whatever it is I came in here to share with you all.

One of the strange things that happens in the blog world (and let it be said we don?t want to know just how strange it can be) is that just when you are on your last dollar, just when you?ve puked up the dirt-covered raw turnip you?d eaten in desperation and vowed that tomorrow would be another day, just when you were certain beyond any doubt that your site had jumped the shark (or rather, given the size of your site it had perhaps landed face down in a puddle) THEY SUCK YOU BACK IN.

And you find yourself recounting the details of your day accompanied by photos. I mean, really, when you were sitting in 4th grade wondering if you really had to invite Jane Silberman to your birthday party since she was being a total bitch to you and totally stole your best friend away and maybe you could just ?lose? her invitation and who would ever know did you really think one day you would grow up to share details of your day accompanied by photographs?

Yeah, me neither.

But I have long since learned to avoid analyzing human behavior as it leads inevitably to madness or capitulation to the absurd. So without further ado?my day, as it were.

I drove around. A lot. There was much driving. The end.

Okay, I left the house at 8:30 am and got back at 4:30 pm in-between which time there was much driving.

There was also an hour of Native American storytelling at a rural elementary school that is so poorly funded we had to pay for the artist visit or the kids wouldn?t have had it at all. During the break, one little girl skipped by me singing the Abenaki song she had just learned and I suggested she see if the Storyteller?s CD was in the library (as I know most of the libraries carry his stuff) and she looked at me funny and said, ?we don?t have a library.?

Welcome to New Hampshire! Our schools don't need no pansy libraries! Now go on, git!

There was also some shopping in one of the stores that are so far north that I never go up there just to shop, but seeing as I had two birthday gifts and a wedding gift to buy it was a perfect opportunity since the shops up there are heavy on the handmade and the work is produced by the kinds of artists I love to support. Ended up having a great conversation with a woman who runs one of the co-ops and we made a plan to get together to brainstorm ways my organization and hers can collaborate.

There was much getting lost and looping around towns several times before I found the school I was looking for.

There was play and wrangling with an adorable 12-week old black lab puppy that had me down on the grass laughing wildly. (And no, *sigh*, I did not get to bring him home with me).

There was meeting with some fabulous teachers who I?d never met before in person, but had spoken with several times on the phone. Their faces lit up when they looked through the bags of goodies I was dropping off: books, cds, games, journals, lesson plans etc that would help them prepare their kids for an upcoming concert. All the work that had gone into making those kits happen, all the hours spent driving around the state to drop the bags off was made so worthwhile when I saw their faces as they explored what we?d put in there.

And that, my friends, is my new life.

I?m fucking Santa Claus of the north woods.

got 2 cents?

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Jenny says:
Who doesn't have a library? That sounds like hell to me. How terrible.
posted on: October 11

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Neil says:
I knew you would come through. I'm packing, leaving California, and moving in with you this weekend. How about room and board if I do the dishes? (don't worry, I'll move out by February. Too cold up there)
posted on: October 11

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Janeen says:
Oh, Santa! Thanks for not abandoning your faithful readers. Thanks for the unbelievably gorgeous fotos. Thanks for making teachers' faces light up. And I'll one up Neil and offer to scrub toilets for my room and board.
posted on: October 11

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violetismycolor says:
Beautiful photos! But how does one live without libraries? Those priorities have got to change. Libraries are what let me know that there was a world outside our own little dairyfarm.
posted on: October 11

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patry says:
Oh, me too! Addicted to seeing and telling my day with photographs, then getting up in the morning and seeing what people I never met, but know in some wonderful way, thought about it. Also addicted to reading about days like yours. With photographs.
posted on: October 11

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lizardek says:
no library?? how terribly sad. But being Santa to all those teachers and children? I can't imagine a better thing to do with your time. Personally, I love the photos, but I just want to hear about your work!!
posted on: October 12

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pastamasta says:
der santa

iv ben a good boy this yer an i wanta bik an a dinosor. an i want sosiges for crismas brekfast. thank yo.
posted on: October 12

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samantha says:
Snort! No Child Left Behind, indeed! Bullshit! (I'm sorry - can you tell I feel strongly about this?) NO LIBRARY? I'm sorry, you can talk about Mississippi all you want, but at least we do have libraries! In schools! I am just flabbergasted. How are these kids supposed to read about Ramona who is a pest? And to learn where the wild things are? I love you and I love your new job. What a blessing you get to be, which is NO SURPRISE to those us of who have loved you long time (in blog parlance).
posted on: October 12

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la vie en rose says:
heehee...so santa, where the hell is the western barbie i asked for when i was 11...huh???...and what about the time i begged you to bring me matt dillion...what about that one???
posted on: October 12

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Chris says:
What gorgeous photos. And God, don't get me started on what's wrong with education in this country. I'll rant and rave and never shut up. So I'll just say thank you for doing your part to make the world a better place. You are an inspiration.
posted on: October 12

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Heather says:
Nothing like Christmas in October! I'm glad your job is so fulfilling BP.
posted on: October 12

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catherine says:
love that! "fucking santa claus of the north woods..." :)
posted on: October 12

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Sheryl says:
Mwahaha, you cannot resist our bloggy power! Your new job sounds awesome!
posted on: October 13

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dodo says:
thanks for the photos. autumn's taking ages to get here. we're still in that no-more-summer-rainstorm-all-grey colourless bit tha happens first. i want those beautiful colours and the crunchy sound and the crispy air.
posted on: October 13

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christina says:
Such beautiful glimpses. I miss water like that nearby. I'm glad BP hasn't officially landed in a puddle. I do adore this site--YOU--so!
posted on: October 13

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Tripping Daisy says:
Your job sounds HEAVENLY! I am so glad someone like you has it. :) I am always on the outlook for good/out-of-the-way-artists. Do any of them have websites or fliers?
posted on: October 14

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