December 29, 2008 10:53 AM- Daisy & Bandit

our town's Parks & Rec office

This morning, as I settled into the ad hoc office I have created once again on the dining room table, Daisy made it clear that she would much prefer I repeatedly toss a kong toy across the living room. Needless, to say, this did not fit into my plans. And, as I would be taking them for a walk but not until early afternoon, I was not sure how to address this resurgence of puppy energy in the most expedient manner possible.

And then? A stroke of light traveled across my forehead (following the twin paths of scored flesh left behind from Henry's great paw last night (um, we were wrestling) that has me looking like an evil-doer in some James Bond flick with the great scar running down my face interrupted only by my eye socket-- but that's a tale for another day) and I reached for my phone.

Perhaps I haven't mentioned this to you, but Daisy has a little playmate up in town whose owner runs our Parks & Rec program. As it happened, she had brought Bandit to work with her and yes, he would love to romp with Daisy for a bit.

So off we went. Daisy raced to the door.

Bandit gave her a hearty greeting.

Sure, they like to warm things up by talking smack,

but soon they got down to the business at hand: chasing tennis balls and the struggle for world dominion.

Finally, with ears wet from snow and saliva and tongues lolling, they had to call it quits. Some impassioned lapping of water and a passionate last clinch before Daisy and I headed home.

Ahhh, nothing like a slumbering fur ball under my bare foot. Now, back to the mines for me.

~ gros bisous ~

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christina says:
Love these photos. A zillion hugs to you!
posted on: December 29

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Swirly says:
Now THAT looks like FUN.
posted on: December 29

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Tami says:
These are terrific photos. You live in a beautiful area.
posted on: December 29

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Stephanie says:
I soooooo need more than one dog! You make such a great case for it! Happy New Year, BP! Love, Steph
posted on: December 29

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catherine says:
ohhh, nothing better than pups, ok, maybe champagne and chocolate and sex, but really without those three, there's nothing better than dogs at play. :)
posted on: December 29

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Heather says:
Ahhhh, dogs in the snow. Jinny (from Squam) sent me this link and I was reminded of it as I was reading your post: dogwork.com/dogsnow/ (I had to delete some of the predecessor stuff because of your filters!)
posted on: December 29

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lizardek says:
Oh sure, it's fun until someone (!) loses an eye.
posted on: December 29

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linda e says:
pure joy! what incredible fun! Linda
posted on: December 29

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leah says:
lol! that picture of the two of them running full out with big puppy smiles had me laughing so loud that i woke up my cat, sadie. she was not impressed with the pictures and told me to keep it down. :-)
posted on: December 30

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amy says:
thanks for the fix, bp! all feel good aglow with daisy chi racing through my veins!
posted on: December 30

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Bridgemor says:
Ha, to have unbridaled fun, such joy. Happy New Year bp.
posted on: December 30

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hele says:
Those grinning faces filled me with joy :)
posted on: December 30

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lynne says:
ah, I see you've been photographing dogs having fun in the snow too! great shots! I hope to have more snow soon for taking more photos! Thanks for visiting ....
posted on: December 30

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Meg says:
You are the best dog mom ever!!!
posted on: December 30

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jen gray says:
love and miss.....
posted on: December 30

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pastamasta says:
Your dogs are cool, and very lucky to have all that snow in which to lark about. Sometimes I wish I were a dog; I am badly in need of a carefree existence right now. (The whole backside-licking thing would need a serious rethink, though.) Also, nice use of nested parentheses. Are you a closet mathematician?
posted on: December 31

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