July 30, 2008 10:23 AM- one summer day

Yesterday morning was simply spectacular. Full sunshine, a steady light, playful breeze--what could I do but grab the dogs and head up the mountain for a big hike to the top? Unfortunately for him, I had to leave Henry at home since he had chased a deer down the hill the day before and I was not really keen on rewarding that behavior. However, I wasn't too sad about this as it sure makes my life easier when there are only two-- so off we went.

It was also Mookie's birthday, so I left him a voice mail and promised him a view from the top as a prezzie. I mean, come on, what else would you give the guy who has everything?

Happy Birthday, Mookster!

BTW, one of the fun things to do once you are at the top is to send a series of photos via your phone to your office-bound husband. This whiff of freedom can be so helpful to your spouse who would love nothing more than to be right there with you. Of course, if you suck at sending photos via cell phone, it might be rather frustrating for your mate who is in the middle of a meeting to be receiving an endless supply of phone calls-- but you know, worth doing nevertheless, non?

Lucky for us, friends invited us over to their family place on the lake for dinner and a boatride.

Um, seriously? I always laugh when someone begins such an invite with, "hey, would you like to ---" Please. How could you possibly have any doubt? Gee, let me think about that for a second. Hmm, no really, sounds nice, but I'd SO much rather turn on the television and eat a bag of cheetos while watching Geraldo. But thanks anyway.

Wait. Who is that little yellow dog?

Did I actually bring my dog with me without so much as asking if it would be alright? Why yes, yes I did. One, because this place always has loads of dogs around and two, because that's the kind of friends I have--easy-going. la vache, c'est moi.

Plus, Daisy had never been on a boat! So after we dawdled on the dock noshing and sipping wine for awhile--

we climbed aboard the boat and headed out to cruise the lake.

photo by T

How did Daisy do with her first boat ride? Calm as a cucumber-- a bit overwhelmed, but no puke-- so we'll chalk that up to a win.

But too soon, as all wonderful things must do, the day came to an end . . .

But the good news? This morning is another beautiful day--off to drench myself in sunshine!


got 2 cents?

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dodo says:
ahoy there cap'n Daisy! she's looks like a natural. Beautiful beautiful pictures, as always.
posted on: July 30

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Lianne says:
I can always come here and be treated to gorgeous views, beautiful words, and the world's most amazing doggies.
posted on: July 30

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Jazz says:
If I invite people with dogs, they must bring the dogs - otherwise they're not allowed in.
posted on: July 31

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Claire says:
aw, daisy looking wistfully over the water...
posted on: July 31

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sarah says:
oh my goodness... i want to meet your pooches! totally my kind of special day. dogs + friends + lake fun....does it get any better!? lovely all around.
posted on: July 31

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melanie says:
Beautiful photos - love the one of Daisy on the boat.
posted on: July 31

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Stephanie says:
Thanks for the lovely post! I'm stuck in an office too, so this is like looking out a window at my 5:30pm... Daisy has grrrrown into such a lovely little woman!
posted on: July 31

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alexis says:
we took our yellow lab on his first boat ride last weekend. photo here: www.flickr.com/photos/lexiloo/2718031942/ he wasn't so sure about it!
posted on: July 31

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Liana says:
Such beautiful scenery- both from your hike AND the lake! I'm maybe a little jealous but love the gorgeous-ness of it all :)
posted on: August 01

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hele says:
If there is any justice in this world I will take my dogs around that lake one day.
posted on: August 01

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Jessie says:
oh, the VIEWS!!! your life most certainly has its high points. sometimes i dream of having a view like yours. do possibly have a back 40 to rent out?? heehee! my dogs would love it. ;)
posted on: August 01

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tinker says:
I can practically feel the sunshine coming through your post, BP! Love the photos - I think they'd be a good respite from any boring old meeting. Happy summer days to you and your Butterscotch brigade!
posted on: August 01

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Swirly says:
Can I just tell you how much joy all of the photos of your dog give me? They always look like the happiest damn dogs on the planet. I can't wait to meet them!
posted on: August 03

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violetismycolor says:
That sounds incredible. My in-laws used to own a place on a lake (north of Toronto) and I miss those lazy days by the lake. Lucky you!
posted on: August 03

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alex s says:
Hey you! It's really you! I thought you were taking a blogging break! How lucky for me that you aren't. I was on that boat ride with you...could you feel the smiling ghost? :-) Beautiful pics. Makes me want to stop time right here right now - late summer brilliance forever. xo
posted on: August 04

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Heather says:
NO FAIR! Your life is charmed!
posted on: August 04

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teahouseblossom says:
I still have no idea where you live, but by golly, it's gorgeous!!
posted on: August 05

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lottie says:
i have lifestyle envy... seriously, you are a charmed, charmed lady.
posted on: August 06

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