October 28, 2008 9:33 AM- emerging from the mist

Yesterday morning the lake was blanketed in mist. I was up early, but still too late to get everything done as I had wanted. T put down his coffee and took the dogs out into the fields so I had another 10 minutes to get myself together.

The car was loaded and everything was wrapped and tagged as it needed to be. Unfortunately, I was in slippers (okay, they are clogs, but seriously they have a fleecy interior and are in no way gonna make the leap into the shoe category) with unbrushed hair scrambled into a knot at the back of my head and a face that barely got hit with water before we hit the road (we = me and my face).

If I had a travel mug (that's to say, if I could've found a travel mug-- they tend to travel out to the woodshop never to be seen again . . .) I would've been sipping on some hot coffee as I zipped down the road that even at this late date, was still showered in golden beauty.

The drop-off could not have gone more smoothly so I had time to drop in on Tara who is recovering from gum surgery and in a bad way. (I brought soup, kozy shack rice pudding and a slew of magazines-- soft for the mouth, soft for the brain).

FUCK. This post is interrupted by the fact that I just burned the oatmeal AGAIN. God damn. The house stinks of black smoke. Grrrrr.

And now? I shall punish myself and not make myself anything else for breakfast---- right? Gosh I'm mean that way-- seriously, I will not be bothered to make anything for someone who can't pay attention to what's cooking on the stove. Hmm, are we getting a wee bit multi-personality here?

Okay forget it-- what was I going on about?

I forget.

Last night I was really tired. Not as tired as a new mom who hasn't slept for 4 consecutive hours in three weeks. Not as tired as a firefighter whose been battling a forest fire for 18 hours straight (sorry, I' ve got a nose full of burnt air here). Not as tired as a physician putting in her insane double-shifts as required for residency. But, you know, tired.

And as I flopped about putting my class together for today, I came across this passage from Natalie Goldberg's Wild Mind and it was JUST what I needed. It was just what I needed.

She is writing about a time in her life when she was teaching and still trying to write:

Stress is basically a disconnection from the earth, a forgetting of the breath. I had too many things to do when I taught, and I felt the tension between those responsibilities and wanting to write. My time was diced up into minutes and hours rather than into seasons and the movement of the moon and sun. Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important. Just lie down.

All writers have a natural bent toward laziness. That is good. Utilize it. The couch is a good place. Lie there for a whole day in the middle of everything. It is like waiting for vinegar to settle after you shake it up with oil. Let the oil get clear again. You get clear. This is a very wholesome place to write from. It brings you back to remembering your essentials: sky out the window, feet on a cushion, ceiling above your head, ground below.

My god. Could we put that to music?

Seriously-- I have read this small volume numerous times and yet cannot remember ever coming across that particular passage and my god, if bluepoppy were an LLC, wouldn't that be my mission statement? I think, yes.

Anyway-- I'm here. I'm gonna wrangle my way through this and you're all welcome to come along for the ride. Those of you who drop out at any point-- no worries-- a blessing on your head, mazeltov, mazeltov.


Now, for TRACEY (because I love her so) I will share these images of my work. All of the flats except for "Her Favorite Things" were photographed shrinkwrapped so there's glare all over the place. But whatever, just to give you a sense of the pieces-- this is what they look like, more or less.

Tara, Truro Morning 15" x 19", mixed media on paper

My Trusting Heart 18" x 24", mixed media on paper

Heart of Kindness 15" x 22", mixed media on paper

Feeling Squammy 30" x 22", mixed media on paper

Feeling Squammy, detail

Blue Hubbard 25" x 20", mixed media on paper

Her Favorite Things 22" x 15", mixed media on paper

Her Favorite Things, detail

Hermano 24" x 18", mixed media on canvas

The Secret of the Pomegranate 24" x 24", mixed media on canvas

The Secret of the Pomegranate, detail

The Sundancer 24" x 30", mixed media on canvas

The Sundancer, detail

Can we say the girl loves her gourds?

got 2 cents?

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bad penguin says:
Wow. I love your work. They are all lovely, but I am particularly attracted to Her Favorite Things and The Secret of the Pomegranate. And that blue in Hermano...ok fine, I love them all. I just took three days and spent them basically doing whatever I felt like doing at a given moment. I read books, I took naps, I lounged on the couch, I stared aimlessly in to the fire in the fireplace, I snuggled with my dog and my husband. It was wonderful. I'd say Natalie Goldberg is on to something there.
posted on: October 28

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Mandee says:
Each time I thought I had seen my favorite, I would scroll down and be torn again. They are beautiful!
posted on: October 28

•  •  •  •

Heather says:
I really like Hermano and The Sundancer. Keep taking care of yourself BP, and don't worry about the burnt oatmeal. If that's the biggest tragedy in your life right now - hooray!
posted on: October 28

•  •  •  •

lizardek says:
Heather, you have great taste, those are my favorites, too! O! BP, how I do love you! This was such a HUMAN post :)
posted on: October 28

•  •  •  •

Swirly says:
Love your creations. Love your words. Love your sharing. LOVE YOU.
posted on: October 28

•  •  •  •

linda e says:
2 words: daay-am! okay - more words - delicious...wonderful...truly wonderful! Linda
posted on: October 28

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Jacqueline says:
Elizabeth, Such an awful smell, that oatmeal smoke... Thank you for sharing Natalie's words. I was just asking yesterday, "When will I stop living life like an emergency?" This is totally my last year attached to a public school. HORRAYYYY! Thank you for being a part of this life we have!!
posted on: October 28

•  •  •  •

alexis says:
wow! i love your art, thanks for sharing it.
posted on: October 29

•  •  •  •

Tripping Daisy says:
Your work is fantabulous! I have perfect places for each of the pieces in my house! ;) Take cae BP...relax and enjoy life...
posted on: October 29

•  •  •  •

jenica says:
you are so damn inspiring. these are just beautiful, just.beautiful. and that first photo is truly etheral, dreamy, perfect. everything about this post is yummy... well except for the oatmeal. i'll make you some orange rolls (out of the doughboy can!) if you promise to be nice to yourself. ok? loving you. every bit.
posted on: October 29

•  •  •  •

christina says:
Oooh I love your art. The Secret of the Pomogranet is my favorite!!! GORGEOUS. Did you guys get snow last night? We did. About 2-3 inches of white stuff everywhere.
posted on: October 29

•  •  •  •

Jazz says:
Wow. I love them. I can't even decide which I love most. Maybe Hermano. Unless.... Please post more of your art. It makes my heart sing. Singing is good. Singing is needed.
posted on: October 29

•  •  •  •

otter says:
My eyes! They are not accustomed to such gorgeousness and lusciousness (is that a word?) (it is now.) Thank you for sharing your work, but next time, warn us. My retinas will never be the same.
posted on: October 29

•  •  •  •

Cat says:
Beautiful! My favorite is the top picture. You're very talented! I love your blog photography as well, the one of the lake mist is stunning
posted on: October 29

•  •  •  •

Sheryl says:
Thank you so so much for sharing your splendid work with us! I know that's a very personal thing. Also thanks for the Nat G. book, I haven't heard of that one, but I'm going to get a hold of it.
posted on: October 29

•  •  •  •

melissa says:
Totally love all of your work...and your words! xo
posted on: October 29

•  •  •  •

Tracey says:
Oh, E!! Thank you!!! Your work is magnificent! The movement, the color, the emotion. I won't bother picking a favorite---cherish them all! Incidentally, gourds to you are Hershey kisses to me. Love you!
posted on: October 29

•  •  •  •

liz elayne says:
wish i could just come on over and drive up that long long driveway in my little VW bug and make you some breakfast (even if it ended up being breakfast for dinner). yep. this post is like sitting down in your kitchen and listening to you my dear. i. love. that. and your work is singing. yep. those paintings are singing right there on the screen of my laptop. i sit here imagining what they might do if i actually saw them in person. (giving you a big hug now)
posted on: October 29

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Liana says:
I love your photos (esp. the 1st, 4th and 5th ones down!). Also, LOVE your art! (esp. Tara Truro Morning, My Trusting Heart, Heart of Kindness, The Secret of the Pomegranate, and The Sundancer). Such lovely work! Thank you for sharing and inspiring! P.S.- Was the pomegranate one at all inspired by Laini Taylor's book?
posted on: October 30

•  •  •  •

gem says:
thank you for sharing Natalie Goldberg's words...i am receiving them at the perfect time. warmly, gem
posted on: October 31

•  •  •  •

teahouseblossom says:
Totally lovely words and pictures!
posted on: October 31

•  •  •  •

nina says:
Let me add my voice to the chorus of gratitude for your beautiful work and for reminding us of the brilliance of Ms. Goldberg.
posted on: November 01

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