November 28, 2008 4:12 PM- hush

Yesterday's crime was not photographing our turkey as it came out of the oven. It was so gorgeous and roasted to such amber perfection it would have surely sent Norman Rockwell running for his paintbrush, or me for my camera, alas no.

(Yes, I did stave off the disaster of trying to defrost a 16 lb bird in less than 24 hours by finding a fresh, free-range beauty and sending T to pick it up. Of course, I was damn lucky as I had called four places before I reached this butcher's shop and was swiftly losing hope.

Ah, but I am a lucky girl. We know this much).

And so-- it was truly one of the sweetest Thanksgivings ever, characterized by ease and comfort and abundance. Thanks to the kids, we had a rousing game of "what I packed in my trunk to go to Grandmother's house." Perhaps I should say a rollicking good time as among the assortment of items packed in that trunk was a "pilgrim with a gun," "a husband," "a Swedish Nanny," along with animals, pies and cooking utensils.

We capped the night off by heading into T's sound studio where the kids took turns at the mic and had us all thinking we could get them onto American Idol and their winnings would pay for our winter escape on St. Bart's. Ahhh, the delightful, illusionary effects of red wine and tryptophan.

This morning was gentle and sweet.

T had coffee and oatmeal ready for me-- in a kitchen that had been cleaned the night before. That's pretty much the ideal recipe for my perfect start to a day.

I took Ollie and Daisy for an hour and a half walk. The air was mild. A bit slushy on the ground, but I took note early on that I was surrounded in a blanket of white and just how soothing that felt. A veritable hush all around me and the pungent fragrance of pine.

It's nice when a day feels so good, isn't it? These are the days we lose track of sometimes when caught between the flashing blades of our busy lives. So I thought I would take a moment to capture a glimpse of it because already the skies are swiftly shifting from gray to blue to black and my silver pearl of a morning has dropped into memory.

got 2 cents?

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beth says:
sounds like a perfect celebration to me....especially the cleaned up kitchen...that's always the BEST gift to wake up to.....well, almost always the best gift....hee hee !!!
posted on: November 28

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amy says:
did i miss a post... why did the good dog henry not get to go too?
posted on: November 28

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Swirly says:
Lovely, lovely. My day today was sleeping in until 9:45am with my husband (have we EVER done this? I don't think so), breakfast in our neighborhood, cleaning the kitchen, watching a movie, laundry, and really good leftovers. So perfect.
posted on: November 28

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Grace says:
What a lovely day. Please describe the game!
posted on: November 28

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lizardek says:
"these are the days we lose track of sometimes"....isn't it a good things we have blogs? :) *love*
posted on: November 29

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bp says:
Hi Amy, um, you didn't miss a post-- I just didn't share Henry and Daisy's most recent walk-a-about on Tuesday and Henry's feet have been sore (and, it seems his leg) since then. That should teach the old boy not to go off with a young wild girl half his age! He will get a small walk today, though. And to Grace, the game: it's a pass the story game. One person starts and says, "I'm going to my grandmother's house and in my suitcase I pack _______. And then the next person has to say the whole same phrase, the thing the first person put in, and then add something. And it keeps going until people can't remember one of the items. Winner is last person who can do the whole thing.
posted on: November 29

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judy wise says:
Picturing your life leads me to appreciate my life too. And "flashing blades of our busy lives" ... what a great image. You inspire me in so many ways. xo
posted on: November 29

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violetismycolor says:
Too bad you didn't have that camera nearby...I love the look of a freshly done turker-bird. I am making one tomorrow since we went to my sis's for T-day and we have no leftovers. So, I'm doing the whole dinner all over again.
posted on: November 29

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Jenna/The Word Cellar says:
Why I'm thankful for your blog: Reading your words always inspires me to write more often and to write better. Merci!
posted on: November 30

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Chris says:
Gorgeous little post, BP! Makes me wish for a mountain to climb and doggies to chase.l But, hell, I wish for that every damn day.
posted on: November 30

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Brenda Kula says:
I lost you for awhile! Changed things up and switched my blog to Wordpress, changed the name. If you don't remember me, I am the gardener in East Texas. Now I've got you bookmarked again, I will return soon! Brenda
posted on: November 30

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Heather says:
I'm with Lizardek - I like the last paragraph oh so very much.
posted on: November 30

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Bethany says:
"Silver pearl of a morning..." Perfect.
posted on: December 01

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eb says:
sounds delicious to me - so glad to find your link again - happy post T day silver pearl... xox - eb.
posted on: December 02

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