December 29, 2006 11:31 AM- post-holiday post

One of the good things about being married to a creative is that when you go into your dark moods he understands exactly where you are at and doesn't offer any unhelpful "pick-me-ups," rather, he gives you all the space required to let it run its course.

The flip side of living with a creative, obvs, is that he is also prone to said dark moods-- ah life.

It seems nearly incomprehensible to me that we could have so much of our big life wishes fulfilled and still get cut off at the knees with emotional tailspins*. But that's all part of the ever turning mystery, non? Contentment is an entirely self-created, internal event. External niceties are simply that.

This happy rumination might imply a less than joyous Christmas, but that would be so wrong. We had a lovely holiday with the kick-off of some new traditions. In many respects, we have learned to enter this season of over-expectation on little cat feet and to utterly ignore the overt manipulations of brassy consumerism. And yet, I think the week following Christmas can fall flat no matter how balanced your approach to the holiday.

Right now, it is Friday, after 11 am and I have yet to dig into this MOUNTAIN of work that has been sitting here since last week. The hounds of procrastination, they have me by the throat.

The office is clean-- thanks to an impromptu family visit yesterday. (Yes, I will clean for others but not for myself--) Clean, organized-- the last sleigh load of gifts wrapped and at the ready for our last holiday event on New Year's Day chez T's sister-- and YET, I have not begun to work.

I know what I have to do to break out of the grip of procrastination-- but gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-- I can't seem to do it and the sand is quickly so quickly ebbing out the hourglass.

Instead, I come in here-- to spout snakes and toads-- and to share some pics of the Lean Cuisine,

the Sweet Muffin Stuffin, or as the butterscotch boys like to call her, Mlle Robespierre-- she of the reign of terror.

(That's a strip of cardboard hanging from her mouth--paper towel rolls don't stand a chance against her ferocious attacks.)

But don't you believe them. She is the most wonderful, wonderful spirit. I am so in love with this dog. And, right now-- I'm going to take her outside into the sunshine (I know! Still no snow!! Sorry Denver-- tag, you're it!) for a walk.

Then maybe some lunch. But after that-- I know the evil spell will be broken and I'll be all sleeves rolled up and sitting at my desk cranking out the work.

You believe me, right?

got 2 cents?

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Marilyn says:
Is it just me?...or is that Daisy girl getting BIG?! Ah, the demons...they befall the best of us. Here's wishing you and T a blessed '07. Who KNOWS what next year might bring? After all, look how different life looked a year ago, eh? Blessings, BP. xoxo
posted on: December 29

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bella says:
Colorado should be sharing some of that white fairy dust with us! The east coasters are in dire need of a snow fix. BP, the week after the holidays are usually the most depressive time of the year. We'll have to remind you next year to re-read your 'note to self'. And daisy - she's a sweetie. Robespierre brought me right back to Rumpelstiltskin. Are you familiar? The queen guessed his name to be Robespierre as one of her guesses. Maybe some fairy tale's will bring you around! Good wishes for you and T for the new year.
posted on: December 29

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poppycock says:
hi, i came here by chance the other day. i'd like to say that your photos are lovely, and your thoughts, great.
posted on: December 29

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lizardek says:
Daisygirl's already lost that little puppy face, she's a-growin' up so fast! You sound like you have a bit of the Christmas Cranky as Mimi says. I had it a couple of days ago, BAD. I'm better now. Work: bah! Also, when you're done with that sunshine, could you shove it on over here?
posted on: December 29

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Jane says:
Holy Hot Cakes Batman, she has grown like a weed.
posted on: December 29

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Heather says:
Ahh, the post-holiday letdown - exactly the reason I throw "THANK GOD THE HOLIDAYS ARE OVER" parties. However, this year I think a new boyfriend is doing the trick quite nicely .........
posted on: December 29

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tinker says:
Aww! Such puppy dog eyes! I wouldn't be able to get anything done either, not wanting to take my eyes off of the puppy love. Wishing you a blessed New Year, BP.
posted on: December 30

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Irene says:
I think I'm in love with Daisy too. happy, happy new year to you and yours. (and are you aware of the fact that your words are simply beautiful and oh so delectable?)
posted on: December 30

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Claire says:
Happy New Year, dearest one. This strange in betweeny post holiday slump will soon be over and we'll have a brand sparkling new year ahead of us...too cornily optimistic? Ah maybe, but I know I'll look forward to reading all about la vie Bluepoppy 2007...xxx
posted on: December 30

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nina says:
girlfriend, join the club. 'sawful. just awful. i've been stewing in my own juices for days now, feeling like i'm ready to be served. no takers. well. a glorious, light-filled new year to you and your loved ones - xoxoxoxoxo!!!!!!
posted on: December 30

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Sam says:
Oh my goodness Miss Daisy Do is growing up! She is no longer such a butterball but true pup! Oh! my heart breaks! over the passage of time! (I just love being dramatic, can't you tell?) The post holiday adjustment is never fun - I was very grumpy on Wednesday at work, mostly because I've gotten spoiled with this holiday schedule and think I my true place is at home, on the couch with one of several new Christmas gift books, instead of actually working for the money. It's a rough awakening.
posted on: December 31

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Kymba says:
I'm so sorry about the funk. It's sad yet true...families can put the smackdown on the best of moods, and holidays. I'm fairly close to limiting it to only those individuals who I've birthed myself. Head up, young person. Two points if you can name that (sappy) film.
posted on: December 31

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frecklegirl jess says:
She is so adorable... look at that face! Happy New Year, bp!
posted on: January 01

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daphne (really) says:
You can have all my snow, but you have to come and pick up yourself. UPS is so unreliable these days.
posted on: January 02

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