December 23, 2006 10:32 AM- warning: boredom ahead!

If I were to snap a photo of the smallest of our brombie mob this morning, you would see a bedraggled puppy looking up at the camera from where she was squatting for her morning pee?her still tiny forelegs submerged to the elbows in mud.

Instead, I?ll share some photos from the other day that resembles a fine day in October as opposed to the solstice that it was.

Yes, it seems our extended autumn that lasted weeks upon luscious weeks of mild temps and sunny days has been washed out by a storm that rolled in last night. A storm that has us swaddled in gray mist as cold rain pours down steadily. Not quite sure how the morning walk is going to be taken in this muck as I don?t get a sense there?s going to be a break in the rain anytime soon?but it will be fun. Except for Henry, of course, our token Brahmin who chooses moments like these to demonstrate his camel-like bladder; he refused to pee for over 12 hours because he hates the rain and the mud that much.

Once I get them all out in it and we are running down the road (as opposed to me shivering on the porch shouting at them ?go damn you, go!?) he forgets about the being wet part and has fun. However, I think I need another cup of coffee before I can make the shift from warm and toasty to cold and sweaty.

Thrilling. Thrilling ruminations--- what can I say? My office is a disaster and until I clean and organize it, my thoughts will not progress to anything worth commenting about. And, I?m not sure when I?m going to get around to doing the big blast on it?today would make sense, but so would sitting in front of the woodstove with a good book.

Where is Oliver, you might ask. Why does the first of the pack always get so little play time? Well?he is impossible to photograph. Truly. I could post a run of photos of his body parts but to get an entire view is tough because he moves like a squirrel (he is part Chihuahua)?constantly darting and turning and climbing trees?ha, not. Just wanted to catch all of you who had dropped off by this point.

Dogs. Yawn. Weather. Tedium.

But, now that I have broken through my intimidation of using youtube (note: IT?S A FUCKING CAKE WALK.) I will come back and update this post with some camera-movies I took of the brombie mob same day as these photos. It?ll be embarrassing for sure as you can hear my voice saying all kinds of idiotic things to my dogs, but hey, like you all don?t have my number by now.

So?a tres bientot. Nog with impunity!

got 2 cents?

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bella says:
Ah, BP - beautiful photos of your 3 doggies. The office can wait, go enjoy that book in front of the wood stove. Happy Holidays to you and T.. and O, H, & D !!
posted on: December 23

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catnapping says:
Puppy got me all squeaky. I love puppies! You live in a beautiful place. I love walking roads. I don't have a dog to take with me (landlord doesn't allow pets), so the walks are solitary. My daily prayer.
posted on: December 24

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lizardek says:
Screw the office! Take those dogs out again! Live it up, woodsywoman! :) Merry Merry to you, BP!
posted on: December 24

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Claire says:
Mmm woodstove, mmm book. Mmm even mist. I thought everyone in my building had already gone away for Xmas - I try to restrain myself from too much cattalk usually as the main hallway is outside my door. So I was singing and talking to Lola in "those" voices. Then I heard the front door slam. Merry Christmas dear bluepoppy X
posted on: December 24

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tinker says:
Some people's tedium is other people's nirvana (I'm green with envy right now). Happy, merry, joyous holidays to you, BP!
posted on: December 25

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impossiblejane says:
Puppies, Books, and wood stove! Office can wait. Happy Holidays. Jane
posted on: December 25

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Joy says:
Yummy dogs.
posted on: December 26

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Tripping Daisy says:
Happy holidays!
posted on: December 26

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twitches says:
Boredom? Are you kidding? I could look at pet pictures all day!
posted on: December 27

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la vie en rose says:
hope you enjoyed your holiday!
posted on: December 27

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violetismycolor says:
That is the cutest darned puppy in the whole wide world! Merry, Merry Holidays.
posted on: December 28

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gracia says:
I LOVE to go out a-walking with you and the hounds. take care, g
posted on: December 29

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gw says:
Your observation, as opposed to me shivering on the porch shouting at them ?go damn you, go!? had me laughing. Add to it a growling "Now!" and that is me when the girls are poking around outside instead of getting down to business.
posted on: January 01

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gw says:
Oops, kinda missed that close italics tag, didn't I?
posted on: January 01

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