December 13, 2006 9:12 AM- racking up the absentia demerits

In all the time I have been blogging, have I ever posted less than three times in a single month (except when I was on hiatus, obvs)?

The answer is no. no. no.

But this month, this December 2006, may well find me posting a total of three times over the course of 30 days. But before I go any further, let me answer some questions:

1) No, it is not snowing, nor has it snowed. We had a very light dusting one evening a few nights ago, but other than that the balmy weather continues unabated and profoundly celebrated. Taking walks in the sunshine-- sockless and wearing just a cotton hoodie for cover is damn sweet. I know the cold will come but we are about SIX WEEKS behind the normal bitter bitchslap and it makes a world of difference in how I experience the mountain life.

2) The "lumix" haikus did refer to my camera-- the panasonic Lumix that I treasure.

3) Where I have been: gala, party, meetings, party, walking the dogs, prepping big statewide events for January, meeting with people from this loveliest museum with whom we have set up a whole series of museum study programs* for next year. All of which is to say-- not in front of my computer except when I am madly creating a mailing that needs sending that day.

The gala event was trippy. T was in his tux looking ready for the red carpet, I was in a new skirt purchased especially for the occasion and felt like a million bucks-- very swish-- who knew, non-profit world means lots and LOTS of parties? Not me-- but I am loving it. I get to invite any friends I want-- which I did so basically, a big, gorgeous, catered, amazing event where me and my buds just party down-- killer.

The good news about Daisy is that the dollars spent at the vet are compensated by the fact she is a true Yankee girl and has yet to have a toy that wasn't made by T or a hand-me-down from the butterscotch boys. Yes, the girl loves her some trash: toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, string and masking tape balls (a T speciality), and old socks.

She has been to the vet more than normal as she has an issue with one eye that causes both to weep-- we don't know if she was born with it or it was the result of an accident in her litter, but she will have to have surgery when she gets big enough. Meanwhile she gets an ointment 3X daily and I have my paycheck direct-deposited into the vet's account.

No pics at the moment-- but she is looking good-- fat and pretty. She doubled her weight from 3.6 lbs to 6.7 in just over three weeks. I won't bore you with the lubba dubba of my love for her, suffice to say, we are smitten with the girl.

Tomorrow I go down to Boston to see a play that I may be bringing up here next year-- yes, going down to Boston to see a play = work. Holy hell.

I'll stay on with Tara and we'll do some citifying of my soul-- movies, spa, shopping, restaurants, etc. Then Sunday morning I fly down to Philadelphia to join in the celebration of my dad's 80th birthday.

I'll be back here on Tuesday the 19th. That's right, T alone with 3 dogs for 6 days-- his very own Survivor.

I would say sorry for this paltry post and sorry for being gone so much and sorry for not scooting around blogville, but I'm deep in real life right now. And we all know I am nobody's multi-tasker. But I will be back before Christmas, I promise-- with pics and whatnot.

Be well-- be merry and bright!

* P.S. This book is new to me and an absolute delight-- if you are interested in introducing kids to the concept of museums and galleries. We will be using it next year in this museum studies program, and I am giving it to my 4 year-old niece for Christmas. It's wonderful-- just wanted to share in case it hits anyone else's sweet spot.

got 2 cents?

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Sheryl says:
We miss you, but are so glad real life is whisking you away to beautiful places :o) Merry merry.
posted on: December 13

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victoria winters says:
Daisy girl. Hope her eye gets better soon. Party, pary girl! Sounds fun to me! Maybe non-for profit is just up my alley after all (with the exception of the lack of pay, at least in Nashville - they all start at like $25K). Yeah, right!
posted on: December 13

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judyblueskies says:
Can I come to your parties? Your life is sounding much more interesting than mine right now. With that said, blessings on your new wonderful job and happiness. It sounds like life is very good and I'm glad to hear it.
posted on: December 13

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Heather says:
Enjoy your life BP. You deserve it and that hot T in his tux.
posted on: December 13

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lizardek says:
I would much rather that you are sporadic here because you are so happy and busy with your job and real life than posting all the time because you're miserable or bored.
posted on: December 13

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AngelaM says:
I have the same camera, and I love it too!
posted on: December 13

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violetismycolor says:
FYI...Bunko is a game of dice, and is incredibly fun. There is plenty of time to chat with your partners and you move around the room to different tables, playing with different partners all the time. Hence, it is a very social game.
posted on: December 14

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Irene says:
so happy that you're having such a wonderful time.
posted on: December 14

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melanie says:
Nice to hear from you - even if only briefly. It is kind of nice when life gets in the way sometimes. Looking forward to more puppy pictures.
posted on: December 14

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endment says:
Have a lovely time Thanks for the recommendations of books!!! I ordered Micawber for my grandchildren ane Wings at My Window for myself Thank you again
posted on: December 14

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Bridget says:
I just wanted to say happy holidays to you and yours, dear poppy. It's nice to see you're having a whirlwind of a season. I hope the new year brings an equal amount of excitement and quiet reflection in your home. XOX
posted on: December 14

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tinker says:
Glad you're having a lovely - if busy - month. Thanks for the Lithgow book recommendation. I think my grandgirls would really enjoy that. Bon voyage to you, bonne chance to T and the Butterscotch Brigade while you're gone!
posted on: December 14

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Claire says:
Ditto what lizardek said and I love my Lumix too! So happy to see how your jump into the new has brought you everything you love and need...you're an inspiration dear BP. La vie, er, douce? (not dooce!) indeed! x
posted on: December 15

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Marilyn says:
Always glad when you resurface...glad to hear the job is working out so well and that you like it so much.
posted on: December 15

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Sam says:
I'm with darling Lizardek - it's good to know you're happy and flush with the success of your amazing good fortune. I can't wait to hear about the next year and all your adventures. And all I want for Christmas is more pictures of the Bramble Princess, Daisy!
posted on: December 15

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