February 27, 2006 7:07 PM- when T falls in love

In honor of fat tuesday which falls tomorrow, I am blasting this this old fave, scroll down to #9 . . .Your Man is Home Tonight. Ooohwee. So good.

Of course, it's not enough that he was surrounded by the world's best female billiard players all weekend-- he also has a new crush. Sorry Mo, he still loves you but someone younger has caught his fancy and turned his thoughts to Spring.

Yes that's right. A new love for T: Sarah Vowell.

Now let's face it, it's not like I wasn't there when they met. I was there. She was cute, okayyyyy, she was pretty and yeah, I might've gotten a smidge tweaked at all the fawning attention my boyfriend Jon Stewart was showering upon her head. But I know funny and smart when I see it, and Ms V has had to rent storage units for the smart and funny-- her cupboards are full.

So, I'm fine with having this (quite fantastic) article, When Bush Falls In Love, on the computer screen (to share with me, of course) before the cookies (that T is cooking for me) are even out of the oven. And, I'm even big enough to share it with you all in case you hadn't seen it cause it is slamming-- do read it. (If you haven't signed up for NYT access-- then check it out next time you're at the library. It's so awesome. I would excerpt from it, but the beauty of her essay is how it is all of a piece and I would feel badly just cutting out a couple of sentences).

Why does his love for these women bother me not at all? Because I know it'll be a cold day in hell before Maureen or Sarah will be plowing this road!

got 2 cents?

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Aithbhreac says:
Well, as we learned in AW, fabulousness is accessible to all of us and not just an annointed few. And though Ms. Vowell's storage units may overflow with many things, an icicle's chance in Hades of operating a snow plow is not among them - it says she doesn't even drive a car!
posted on: February 27

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frida says:
Her column in the NYT was wonderful!
posted on: February 28

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liz elayne says:
Oh I am just going to say it - I adore you! I love how you write my dear. This little snippet of your life has me laughing out loud and wishing I could come over for milk and cookies with you and T. Can't wait to read Ms. Vowell's article. I love her too.
posted on: February 28

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la vie en rose says:
your sense of humor never fails to brighten my day! thank you for that!
posted on: February 28

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Erica says:
"Plowing this road" is a euphemism, isn't it? And yay for T being home!
posted on: February 28

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Coquette says:
I, too, fantasize about Sarah Vowell! Oh, how I love her. A rare piece of trivia in which two of my favorite celebrities come together: Did you know Marc Jacobs Fall 2005 collection was inspired by Violet from The Incredibles? According to Women's Wear Daily, Sarah and Marc Jacobs are kind of pals. This is like, my favorite thing I ever read in WWD. I wonder if they ever get together and make cookies.
posted on: February 28

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violetismycolor says:
Sarah Vowell is absolutely, spot-on wonderful! I love it that Jon Stewart keeps inviting her back to his show, because I find her funny and charming. She was so great when she talked about what her fears were when Bush was first elected, and that she just wasn't negative enough with what she imagined would happened! I also have to say that Steven Colbert gets better every day...I wasn't sure he was up to it, but I see I was wrong.
posted on: February 28

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lizardek says:
posted on: March 01

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ozma says:
I was thinking of Dooce's List of Five. Everyone has to have a List of Five. I remember my husband had this sexy Italian-Nicaraguan poet on his list of five. And that's OK. Because everyone gets five.
posted on: March 01

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pomme granite says:
I love Sara Vowell's voice - I can listen to her for ..., forever actually.
posted on: March 02

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