December 15, 2006 9:31 AM- my home in the city

Hey! Guess who joined the 21st century and has an ibook at her house?


Although she still doesn't have a television or any of those nice things that come with it like dvd or vcr or tivo, etc-- the fact that she actually has a computer at home is most astounding. I've been enjoying myself quite a bit here this morning-- Tara got up before six and we had some coffee together before she headed off to work and I crawled back into the coziness of her unbelievably cozy bed.

There are two things I came in here to tell you all.

One, I think I'm going to have to become a heroin addict.

Two, some links that don't look that great but you have to TRUST me.

RE: my first point, our conversation last night went a bit like this:

Ta: So how's the bliss train?

Me: I know, I know. I'm not going to have any friends, am I?

Ta: I don't know, Pollyanna had friends, didn't she? Not sure, never read it.

Me: Oh god I'm fucked.

Ta: It's not that bad.

Me: You don't understand. It's gone way past the point of no return. I want to worry. I do. It's just that I've rewired my brain and I can't seem to stop seeing the beauty and finding the pleasure and--

Ta: oh god shut up.

Me: I'm sorry-- I should've warned you--- I understand if this means, you and me-- you know-- that you have to find someone else who loves smelly cheese, olives and red wine as much as I do.

Ta: Couldn't you just be more of the bitch you were when I met you? Is that so much to ask? You were so racked with insecurity and caustic sarcasm and those wild manic-depressive rages--- god, I just---

Me: I know, I know--

Ta: You were so much fucking fun. And now--

Me: I really didn't mean to get so happy-- I swear. I was shooting for contentment-- that's all. I never meant to hit bliss.

Ta: Well, there's no going back-- it's done.

Me: God-- I feel awful.

Ta: You do? Really? Well, that's a start . .

And for links-- I am wearing the most fabulous long-sleeved black t-shirt ever made. The quality is so soft and sexy (I tell you this because the website does not convey the feel of the shirt at all.) Tara gave it to me last night for Christmas and I don't ever want to take it off.

On the front in siver letters it says "grace" on the back are small silver wings over each shoulder blade-- you have to see it to know how fab it is--- here is the source.

Also-- some fun pieces here (my fave in the matted prints is the one called "faith is believing")

Anyway-- just in case you were still looking for some gifts--- now I'm off to scrounge under park benches for some used hypodermic needles.

P.S.-- I am not so enamored of the Safari browser-- but I'll give it a bit more time before I render my final verdict.

got 2 cents?

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Lil says:
I LOVE that t-shirt. 'Cept I could never wear it because people would think I'd gone insane and put me in a padded room forevermore.
posted on: December 15

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finelyspungirl says:
You're cute, E., you know that, don't you? And thanks for the links, I love the cards!
posted on: December 15

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otter says:
You know, I will adore you, I don't care if rainbows and unicorns start coming out of your ass :~) Happy or no, you do make me laugh...xoxox
posted on: December 15

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lizardek says:
hahahah! Too late, otter, I think they're already on the way! :D
posted on: December 15

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lizardek says:
Also, those cards!! They're WONDERFUL.
posted on: December 15

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Sam says:
Oh! The grace shirt must be mine! I am a Methodist, after all, and we're rather BIG on grace. :) You and Ta are too funny together, love your conversation. The fact that you are so happy is a golden shining thing. Also, the Curly Girl designs? I am in love!
posted on: December 16

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gracia says:
Ahh, newness abounds. take care, g (a happy lion cub in the Safari)
posted on: December 17

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tinker says:
You don't want the bliss? Fine - send it over here; I could definitely use a good blissing. You two are so funny.
posted on: December 17

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Heather says:
OK, I just FINALLY checked out the links - curly girl got her degree at my school! Oh I hope my graphic design work turns out as great as hers.
posted on: December 17

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patry says:
I LOVE this post. Just wish you would explain how the bliss found you or how you found it. However it happened, it seems to have descended on me, too! All bliss all the time--can you stand it?
posted on: December 18

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christina says:
Loved the curlygirl link. Such great art! And oh, it's so nice to read about all your blissyness.
posted on: December 18

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Alexandra says:
I love curlygirl's art too! I have given away about ten of her magnets by now and sent even more of her wonderful cards! Congrats on the Ibook! I have one too and LOVE it!
posted on: December 19

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