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When I was eleven, one of my all-time favorite books was A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeline L?Engle. I can remember everything about where I was sitting when I read it, how I was forced to leave it and come to the table for dinner, how I could barely sit still through a supper of pork chops, lima beans and mashed potatoes* before I could get back to Meg and Charles Wallace and Mrs. Whatsit.

And, although I enjoyed the first Harry Potter (for me, the second was ?meh? and I stopped midway through the third), it never cracked my head open the way A Wrinkle in Time did. Imagine my thrill then, when last weekend I curled up on the window seat with pillows behind my back and soft wool throws tucked around me to settle in with Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer.

Every free moment all weekend long found me there in my own little nook--

For those of you who love to fall into a book (which let?s be honest, is one of the most incredible acts of quantum physics when you literally leave your body behind and travel out into the ether), I recommend this book to you. Yes, it is geared to the Young Adult reader. No, our heroine does not hang out with her three best pals and bitch about the dearth of sponge-worthy dates. So, alas, if that?s what you are looking for or, if you are unable to reach back to your eleven-year old self, chances are you won?t be able to enjoy this book. Tant pis pour toi.

For the rest of us? Get your cozies on and settle in. Oh man?is this a ride.

Because I have been a longtime fan of Ms. Laini Taylor, I knew I would want to give her feedback on this, her first novel. So, as I began the story, I tried to keep track of the phrases, characters, sentences, etc. that delighted me most?I gave up by page 36. Gave up. Why? Well, because there were another 400 PAGES to go and I was already writing down things from every page. Suffice to say, she packs it all in?(characters, descriptions, mystical, magical, gruesome, scary and yes, romance). The last phrase I captured (on page 36, obvs) was her description of a hedge:

?But what a hedge! It was an evil bramble, taller than tiptoes and dense as a mermaid?s braid, and it encircled the great wood in an unbroken band.?

I could go on and on, but really the highest compliment I can give is that I literally did nothing else all weekend, felt an exhilaration I have not experienced since I was eleven, and, I cannot wait?CAN.NOT.WAIT?for the next installment: Silksinger, which is being published by none other than Arthur A. Levine?woot.

All of which to say, if you know of an eleven-year old who loves to read?this is THE best gift ever. And, if you still have a young girl in your heart that would secretly delight in reading this on the sly?go on, treat yourself.

((Private note to Lady Daffodilly: DO NOT get this book for a certain NRD. Miss NRD already has a signed copy waiting for her under the Christmas tree from me and T . . ..)))

* yes! I know!?the things we remember?too bad I didn?t have the same memory to pass any of my American History exams . . .

got 2 cents?

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Tami says:
Thank you. I just so happen to have an eleven year old who loves to read :)
posted on: December 02

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Heather says:
Hey there BP. I finally caught up on over a month of reading - not only did I not post, but I didn't read either. But I wanted to tell you I loved your piece "Henry" and I will definitely pick up this book. My mother always read the young adult books I brought home from the library so I have a good role model to continue being young at heart.
posted on: December 02

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lizardek says:
This one has been on my wishlist since she first announced it. My inner 11-year-old (who also had her brain cracked open by Ms L'Engle but who does not remember dinner details) is drooling with anticipation!
posted on: December 03

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Anne Bishop says:
I was waiting for it, too! I snatched it up as soon as I saw it and devoured it. Delicious! It is a rough and tumble; no, no, that can't happen; edge of your seat; image-saturated adventure. Warning: do not expect any interaction with the reader until the book is finished. It is just too good. I'm glad you enjoyed it, BP.
posted on: December 03

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violetismycolor says:
Sounds perfect for my daughter, Bonnie, who loves books like this...
posted on: December 03

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Laini says:
Wow! Thank you so much for that amazing, raving endorsement! it made me so happy to read this! I too was a HUGE fan of Wrinkle in Time and the thought of my book having a place in readers' hearts like that is just. . . I don't know. It leaves me speechless. Thank you, "Poppy" (Oh, and I'm writing a Poppy scene right now!) xoxo
posted on: December 03

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otter says:
Dude. I am so going to order that. After Eat, Pray, Love, I am your bitch for anything literary :~)
posted on: December 03

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Pippa says:
This sounds utterly delightful! I hope the book reaches South Africa soon. Can't wait to get my greedy little hands on it!
posted on: December 04

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Absolute Vanilla says:
This sounds like a stunning read - I'm off to see if I can track it down right away. As you say, there is absolutely nothing better than falling into a book! Delicious!
posted on: December 04

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Liana says:
Bought it, read it, LOVED IT! About to re-read it, too :) I cannot WAIT for the next book. So enthralling!
posted on: December 04

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tinker says:
Great review. I loved it, too - as well as a Wrinkle In Time. I can't wait for Silksinger next. Hope Laini types fast :)
posted on: December 06

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Tami says:
The book has been bought and wrapped for Christmas. I will have to let you know what she thinks :) Thanks for the suggestion!
posted on: December 14

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