April 16, 2010 7:29 AM- snow and snuggles

Oh, my dear Henry-- there are some who think you dumb as a load of bricks, but that would not be me. I know the keen intelligence that lurks beneath your furrowed brow. You simply do not operate in this world as others do and thus, are easily misunderstood-- I can relate to that.

In fact, this morning when you came in to wake me up, pounced on my belly* and gazed down at me with a mix of incredulity and wry acceptance I knew something unexpected was waiting for me outside.

Perhaps not unexpected to you, of course, but I honestly did not go to bed last night thinking I would be walking in snow this morning.


But it's all okay, it's all good <-- that seems to be my mantra of late. Just flowing with what is, not challenging it, not fighting against it, not wishing it away-- just going okay, whatever. It's snowing. I will deal.

Emails of late have gently reminded me to post more photos of the dogs because that is, after all, why anyone comes in here. (In my defense, I will say that I did make a video (in the sunshine! and green grass!) yesterday, but had trouble uploading it to youtube-- I'll give it another try later).

So here you go. Below is a shot of Ollie. If it seems taken with a telephoto lens-- I almost do have to resort to that. He is hidden behind the coffee table scrunched down between the sofa-- hidden from view-- but I had an inspired paparazzi angle and caught a shot anyway.

Miss Daisy is a much easier shot, of course-- ever ready to pose. And speaking of this morning, she could not have been more adorable when she jumped up and landed on me* to let me know the day had begun. Those are the moments I wish I could capture, but will have to remain my sweet memories.

There's an art show coming up mid-May I can't wait to tell you all about and next week is a fabulous contest for one of the best prizes ever (<--! seriously) so stay in touch here or on fb-- I'll post all deets in both places.

Weekend is all about finishing those damn paintings that should've been finished like, um, hella weeks ago-- blah. If only my studio had a door on it I could lock myself inside . .. looks like I'm gonna have to rely on self-discipline instead--

Meantime, in case you don't know what it's like to snuggle with three dogs
-- it's kinda like this:

Bisous, E

*yes, ouch. Life with three very affectionate dogs . . what are you gonna do?

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Megsie says:
Snow. Yes. I am bracing myself as well. None is in the weather report, but I know that this spring has been too good to be true. The green grass and the sunshine. The 75 degree days. The sending my kids to school in shorts (!). It is all just to get us comfortable and content. Then, when we stop marveling at the weather, when we begin to take it for granted, when the eager gardeners think that they can plant early.... Well, that is when good old Mother Nature will pull the rug out from under us. I am going to be ready for it this year. I AM. Really. and p.s. I have missed those sweet faces too. Thanks for sharing :)
posted on: April 16

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Claire says:
You simply do not operate in this world as others do and thus, are easily misunderstood-- I can relate to that. And I third you on that. p.s. snow???!!!!! well, with volcanic dust clouds shutting down Europe's skies, anything is possible...
posted on: April 16

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Steph says:
Aw I love these photos. I look forward to hearing more about your exiting projects, and might we get a peek at these paintings of yours??? :)
posted on: April 16

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bp says:
yes Steph-- they're for a show and will be posted online (that is, if I EVER get them done!!<--grrr) Claire!! moochy smooches! And Megsie big hugs to YOU.
posted on: April 16

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lizardek says:
Suddenly, all of April shows up in my feed, and there you are, being your adorable self, and I missed it. Or at least am late for it. Crud.
posted on: May 26

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