April 04, 2010 1:30 PM- ummmmmmmmmm


Jen is gone, but not really as she left behind magic treasures for me to find like this little offering in the stone altar above.

I know I have been pretty absent from here of late. I know that I have not been sharing much of my inner world with you all-- but that's due to both a ridiculously busy schedule with weeks of travel back to back and to some rather big developments that need a bit more quiet percolation before I am ready to share them here. (but share them I will, have no doubt).

Meantime, 2010 continues to be my best. year. yet. On the heels of a most gentle and comforting winter season, Spring has slipped in like a soft morning sigh before my eyes have even been opened, or the birdsong has begun; she is here in full. On the paths through the woods, tiny moths and flittering creatures bob and weave above the ground-- they create a sense of walking through a fairy kingdom as the sunlight catches on their wings.

We have no flowers, but we've got green and buds.

The brombies chased a deer this morning and were gone for hours. Normally a cause for alarm, I simply shrugged, went about my day and lo, they rolled back in muddy, exhausted and unharmed. Don't think I don't know how lucky I am, I do--- but I also like that I didn't waste this sweet day (hey, Happy Easter for all those who celebrate bunnies and colored eggs!) on worry. Instead, I lolled on the back deck in the sun and contemplated the weeks ahead.

So much beauty. So much light. My heart feels so really good-- and, wow, how brand new is THAT<--! (for this time of year when I am normally wrenched by the change of season). Like I say, that minx of Spring just slid in when I wasn't paying attention and whipped up some kind of intoxicating beltane cocktail that instead of rendering me wildly drunk, delivers a luscious, light, heady buzz.

This week is my first back in the office since I don't know when--- I am ready to get back on a normal schedule and find the balance of my routines, including our conversation here-- til then

Bisous, E

P.S. Jen Lee sent me this link and oh. my. god. this is my life people! I am dying here . . .

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Swirly says:
To see YOU blossom with joy is the greatest gift.
posted on: April 04

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michelle says:
posted on: April 05

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sherry says:
They had to be thinking of you when they created that video. Enjoy sweet spring!
posted on: April 05

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jen gray says:
xo miss you love you
posted on: April 05

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laura says:
You paint such a pretty picture of NH this time of year and being a native I miss it. That video just cracks me up too! SO FUNNY! Happy Spring!
posted on: April 06

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Megsie says:
So, so happy about your happiness. Blessed be! xoxo
posted on: April 06

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jill nalette says:
you so deserve all this beauty that is filling you with much joy and light! love, big hugs and smiles~ jill
posted on: April 07

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