April 11, 2010 8:09 AM- 36 hours with Tara

This should be some kind of reality television endurance competition. Not that I would win anything, but it might be nice to know I was playing for a million dollars when the medical evacuation team comes to carry me off the field.

I'd like to say the reason there are no pictures here and this post will likely be full of typos is that I'm typing to you from Tara's mac which has me utterly confused and because she's got some kind of strange Kate Bush music playing which is quite frankly, weirding me out (apologies to all you Kate Bush fans), but the truth is I'm simply hungover and can't seem to get the slices of apple she just put down in front of me from the bowl into my mouth.

So it goes-- eye hand coordination and all that.

Adding to the confusion (not that it takes much to get me confused) is that when I drove out yesterday morning it was cold and snowing, but here in Boston it's like freaking Georgia with swathes of pink, blue and white flox spilling across people's lawns. Forsythia is in full bloom. Magnolia and japanese cherry trees are killing me with their masses of blossoms. We were walking down to the Fornax for lunch and I insisted we stop under one of them and make ablution which Tara put up with for about a whole 30 seconds before she was like, "okay, girlfriend, I get it-- we've smelled the roses-- can we now go worship on some fresh bread already?"

Nothing like an old friend to keep you moving forward when you might otherwise get stuck under a tree for hours in contemplation, right? But then again, imagine if Newton had been hurried along out from under his apple tree, or the Buddha's pal said, "dude-- let's go get some chicken masala already?"

I'm just saying--

Before coming down, I had given Tara a mission: take me out. And I am happy to report that she delivered in full. We headed over to Drink which was totally cool. You sit at the bar-- it's all bar with a kind of kooky apothecary meets laboratory vibe and the bartender asks you what things you like (me = tequila, rum, no gin, no whiskey, etc) and then they proceed to whip up some kind of cocktail just for you. Wow. Let's just say, my kind of place. Best cocktail I ever had, hands down-- if only I could remember what was in it. Actually, I'd be happy remembering more in general-- but then again, that's kind of the point, right? Sometimes just a vague happy sense of well-being is enough and the specifics be damned.

Of course, a weekend with Tara spray painting the town with glitter never ends as you might expect. I'm pretty sure I was clear that I said I didn't want to get out of bed all day, but perhaps my memory is more faulty that I realized because she just informed me that we are headed to the gym for a core fusion class.

Oh my god. These city women . .

More when I'm on a familiar keyboard.

Bisous, E

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Amy says:
I just read this post 3 times and laughed for 10 minutes straight. Oh my god. you might be the funniest person I know.
posted on: April 11

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Jecca says:
My city woman in Boston is the same -- she does more in one day than I do in three weeks. Amazing. Good luck!
posted on: April 12

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lizardek says:
I bet you both had glitter in your hair!
posted on: April 12

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DiaryofWhy says:
I miss Boston so much. And to think what would have happened if that bar had been around when I lived there--I used to work right near Fort Point. The mind boggles. I think I'm overdue for a Boston visit myself. I hope some pics make it up soon!
posted on: April 12

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Megsie says:
Cheers to glitter and especially to old friends.
posted on: April 13

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pandora style beads says:
I just read this post 3 times and laughed for 10 minutes straight. Oh my god. you might be the funniest person I know. me to....
posted on: June 20

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