January 30, 2010 8:36 AM- saturday lazy saturday

photo credit: Christine Chitnis

Yesterday morning, the Chitnis and I loaded on all the gear needed to scale Mt. Everest and headed out to walk the dogs in weather that was reportedly 30 below 0 (with wind chill).

Not sure if that report was exaggerated, or not. What I do know is that we had to first hike up the hill behind the house to brush the snow off the solar panels. This little housekeeping task is accomplished with a 14ft pole with a brush attached to the end of it. (NOTE: this highly sophisticated piece of equipment consists of a tree branch with a windshield scraper/brush duck-taped to the end of it).

Now-- there are some evenings when I am draining a pot of boiling pasta into a colander in the sink and, as the steam charges up into my face, I will say "ummm, I'm getting an Italian facial." Yesterday, however, as I wielded the 14ft branch above me (which required I look straight up into the avalanche of snow showering down onto my bare face), I commented to Christine, "ahh, nothing like a Norwegian facial."

Later, as we held a blowtorch to my face to melt the ice crystals, I was thinking how nice it might be to have a face covered in fur--- they say people who live with dogs begin to resemble them, after all.

photo credit: Christine Chitnis

This morning, Christine went around the house and snapped photos in her inimitable way and I went, wow! That's my house? Seriously-- anyone who can make a woodpile look good has some photo mojo going on.

photo credit: Christine Chitnis

Today, another sunny, frigid day that has us comparing stories of life in Chicago . . .
(for the record, both of us think this is the coldest day EV-AH).

photo credit: Christine Chitnis

Plans include: soup-making, movie watching, and perhaps a foray to a couple of second-hand stores.

Hope you are having a great weekend that is both lovely and warm!

Bisous, E

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Megsie says:
That is one cool woodpile! Today it is going to be 14 degrees here, positively balmy. We have the winter dance recital to attend to that will eat up all afternoon and evening. I am looking forward to tomorrow, and my pajamas. Sounds like you two are having fun :) What kind of soup? I think that sounds just about perfect!
posted on: January 30

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lizardek says:
Mmmmmm soup! What kind of soup? It was beautifully sunny & blue today, but OH MAN was it cold. Minus bajillion Celsius cold.
posted on: January 30

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squeakydrawer says:
I too thought of the benefits a fur covered face yesterday while walking my Oliver in the chill of CT. Then to the store for all the fixins for a hearty Minestrone soup...LOVE lazy Saturdays ;) p.s. I heart the woodpile!
posted on: January 31

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Swirly says:
So wishing I was with you!!
posted on: January 31

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Bethany says:
A soup-and-movie day with a snowy backdrop like that sounds like paradise. (Except maybe without the Norwegian facial part.) Is it just me, or are the dogs posing as Greek gods in that last photo?
posted on: February 01

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pixie says:
maybe you should stay in, make some more soup and not check your mailbox for a couple of days...xoxo :) p.s. your woodpile does look DAMN good.
posted on: February 01

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kikithespunkymunky says:
One of the main reasons I check your blog regularly is hoping it will pop up with a picture of those pups - I am definitely in love with your dogs. And that pink nose, it's just the cutest. Good day!
posted on: February 02

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