January 22, 2010 12:11 PM- stillness & inspiration

photo taken by Christine Chitnis

Still without a car (I know, you won't believe me when I tell you that there is no 4-wheel drive vehicle for rent within 45 miles of where I live, so I'll just leave that part out) and have decided to graciously accept the universe's ultimatum that I should simply not go anywhere. (Do we ever actually have a choice about accepting an ultimatum from the universe? No, I didn't think so-- but nevertheless, I want it to be noted that I was gracious, dammit).

Oddly, this seems to have increased the length of my walks. Today we bandied about over five miles, maybe more, and the stupid truth is I think I could've kept going-- once you get in the groove, walking is such a meditative activity.

As I loll about in my post-exercise haze and before I head downstairs to scarf some lunch, I wanted to share some inspiration from across the web.

First up, Christine's CHICKEN COOP-- pictured above. Honestly, is that not fabulous? It cracks me up. I love it. And I am rather smitten with her whole urban chicken living in general. When I was at her house last June I snapped a few pics (see below) of her as she fed them first thing in the morning and I swear, is that not totally a shot out of Anthropologie? (Answer: YES, it totally is!)

Next, if you are still massaging your intentions for 2010 into place, look at what Susannah so generously made and shared with us all: a beautiful questionnaire "Unravelling The Year Ahead." I have printed it out and find it to be precisely what I need right now and thought you might like it, too.

Tara has suggested we go HERE in April for a special getaway. Of course I said yes-- but we'll see if I really do. I say yes to pretty much every great idea that crosses my path, but not all of them come to fruition-- stay tuned on this one.

Speaking of totally fabulous places to go, if I wasn't already going to be in NYC at the end of February-- I would LOVE to sign up for THIS February 21st workshop. Ahh . .. oh little flower school . . I WILL get to you one day, I surely will.

photo credit: Sarah & Nicolette

Umm, I can just smell that orange and white rose from here .. .

I'm also rather fond of spending time at Flora's website. Her work is just so gorgeous and so filled with life, beauty and spirit-- I am beyond thrilled she will be teaching at SAW in the Fall and am keeping my fingers crossed that I can take a class with her.

Okay-- Daisy is totally nudging me and reminding me that she needs to eat-- NOW. (I guess some of us like our inspiration straight-up-- as in FOOD. Duly noted).

Have a wonderful weekend---

Bisous, E

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Jecca says:
That is SO Anthropologie -- only better!
posted on: January 22

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lizardek says:
There! I felt my spirits lifting, just reading this post and clicking those links. MWAH!
posted on: January 22

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Thea says:
Wonderful posts my love. I asked Terry if we could have chickens he said no, but I may have to work on him. I love the links and pictures. And oh how I wish I could see you in February! xoxoxoxo
posted on: January 23

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Megsie says:
I love the chicken coop! My husband and I have always thought about raising chickens, but we never actually DO it. I am still not sure, but that coop is so cute, hmmmm.
posted on: January 23

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