January 18, 2010 9:44 AM- my one true blue

taken with my camera phone

The blogosphere feels good to me right now. There is so much comfort, love and warmth on so many pages, in so many places. The outpouring of compassion and straight-up brass tacks of support and assistance to Haiti is a rallying cry from a most generous collective heart center.

It feels to me that for many (myself included) this new year has padded in softly like a baby kitten. The promise of a full-grown cat replete with fearless leaps and clever landings is there, but right now there's a whole lot of snuggling, purring and sleeping going on between naps. Not that I have seen as many naps as I would like in the past 18 days-- but I am now approaching a time when gentle pace returns to my world.

This morning, I was out with the dogs for a walk in the deep soft expanse of snow that dropped on us last night, when I saw my blue. There is a color that is my blue-- my one true blue-- and I rarely see it, hardly ever in nature, but there it was peeking at me from under the clouds. Of course, I didn't have my camera with me, but snapped a shot of it anyway with my camera phone in the event some bit of it might get preserved in that pill box of pixels.

Alas, I don't think it came through, but I saw it and sat with it, and that is more than enough.

Now that the two ginormous projects that have been part of my life lo, these past six months are DONE (oh holy meter maids! D.O.N.E.), I have begun down a fresh, new path with clarion focus: my daily life will consist of meditation, writing & yoga. Everything else comes in after that in order of priority-- and that includes dogs, SAW, housework, relationships, and all other time grabbers.

(Because I know him so well, I must pause here and address T's concern at "relationships" showing up so far down the list and wondering what that means for him. Dude, you are so clearly gunning for Husband of the Year what with the bringing me dinner in bed, taking the dogs for huge hikes when I didn't have it to pull on socks, for being sweet and funny and upbeat when I have been spent, tired and self-centered, and, not least of which, carring these two websites over the finish line at 4 am. Yeah, you should be really worried about the depth of my affection, respect and appreciation for you. Seriously, maybe it's time to start looking for one of those mail-order brides in the event that you are wifeless in the near future).

Okay? We done with relationship insecurities? Good.

Oh man, I am not happy with where this post went. I wanted to sit down and talk about the generous heart. I wanted to savor and reflect upon the magic and power of the generous heart. Instead? I wind up teasing my husband---> in public!

Honestly, help me here-- let's try and find some way to salvage this because I really do want to get a post up. What was I talking about at the beginning? Soft entry into 2010. I see it. I feel people moving through some thick, gray mist. We're all ready for something bracing. We're all present for this next circle on the spiral, but it has been slow reaching us.

Or maybe that's just me? I don't know. It feels like there has been a vibrational pull toward stillness which feels kind of funny when we leapt off New Year's Eve all ready to hit the ground running. Yet, here it is weeks later, and it seems we've only just begun.

Either way, it's blue and white and all kinds of pretty-- and I'll take it.

Bisous, E

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melissa says:
I feel exactly what you are saying....stillness. Of course you say it so much more eloquently. xo
posted on: January 18

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Megsie says:
I feel it too, and I think that I have intentionally taken it slow. It is a brand new year...decade! I am excited and beyond motivated to make it my best one yet. But it is a WHOLE year. One step at a time. And Naps are just as important to making this year the best yet.
posted on: January 18

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DiaryofWhy says:
Stillness, not stagnation. That changes everything. Thanks, BP.
posted on: January 18

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Jecca says:
I like this, E. I like it. Makin' me feel better over here.
posted on: January 18

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T says:
Be still, BP. I had no such concern.
posted on: January 18

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lizardek says:
I love how T is so gentle about bopping you on the head.
posted on: January 18

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Swirly says:
It has been a, shall we say, unusual beginning of a new year for many people. But I'm glad I'm walking through it with you, my friend.
posted on: January 18

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