January 25, 2010 2:12 PM- carousel

photo credit: Bahman Farzad

The past ten days have been quite challenging to Team Homestead.

This morning in particular, I was at quite the low ebb despite my best efforts at focusing on all the good. Some days-- especially cold, rainy days slathered in ice when cars, vacuums, plow trucks and solar batteries are in a state of disrepair and there is not a rental vehicle available for 6 days straight*-- it is not always easy to find the levity.

Although it is often a simple matter to see where (or how) I lost my groove, damn if I cannot find the sucker.

photo credit: Rita Crane

So, I decided to shift some energies by focusing on things that I like-- Flickr is a godsend for that.

I am weaving some of the images that lifted my spirits into this post in hopes you like them, too.

photo credit: Johan Leiden

photo credit: calljohn3

photo credit: calljohn3

photo credit: Larpoon

photo credit: Per Ola Wiberg

And, for Catrina, who emailed me this morning specifically asking for a brombie video to lift HER spirits-- I submit the following.

(DISCLAIMER: I think I'm just going to make one blanket apology for my insipid, baby talk that I do when filming my dogs and be done with it. There's just no way I'm going to put on some different "blog" voice for you and although I probably sound different when talking to people, this is, sad to say, pretty much what I sound like when it's just me and the dogs).

Bisous, E

*P.S. Hallelujah--- I am now the proud foster parent of a Jeep Commander and people, I literally moaned with pleasure for 30 minutes driving that thing. Oh. My. God. I could sit in that vehicle in the middle of bumper to bumper traffic and I would still be smiling. Sorry to the universe for all the enviromental impact, but OH MY GOD-- this is what heaven feels like.

got 2 cents?

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Forrest says:
Those pictures just brightened my day! So glad to hear that you have a car (that was awful, I was so worried when I saw those pics of your car!) . The video of the dogs just makes me laugh. They are just naturals in front of the camera! I miss them so much (and you too! * smiles*) Bye for now ~Forrest
posted on: January 25

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Jazz says:
Meh, your vehicular environmental impact is offset by your house. You're all good.
posted on: January 25

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Chris says:
Aww! Those pups are adorable. Love all those windows, to take full advantage of the gorgeous views.
posted on: January 25

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Megsie says:
Yay for a car, and one that is like heaven is a bonus! Loved the photos, and the video was "busy" and I was told to check back later. So I will.
posted on: January 25

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heather says:
ah, puppy l o v e! I needed that. you sure you couldn't add a dogs on the beach session to the NC squam? I so miss not having a dog.
posted on: January 25

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bella says:
Oh, these are gorgeous! I go through my contact photos almost every morning on Flickr.... total mood shifter. xo
posted on: January 25

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T says:
Get in that Jeep Commander and escape to the city for a visit! MISS YOU!! love t
posted on: January 26

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jeanine says:
i think your groove and my groove went on a walkabout. they'll be back soon, i presume, though they are taking their sweet ass time. also.... gaaaaad. those dogs of yours are cute.
posted on: January 26

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jin says:
Thank you SO much for the video of the dogs!!! Oh how they love you too... those beautiful soulful eyes at the end - LOVE them!!!!
posted on: January 26

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lizardek says:
Insipid?! NOT. Full of love, that's what. Thanks for all the beauty!
posted on: January 26

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June Gardens says:
I LOVE THEM!!! But you already knew that.
posted on: January 27

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Crissy says:
Gorgeous photo finds! I gotta spend some time perusing Flickr more. So much good stuff to see and explore! Glad you've got wheels again... xo
posted on: January 28

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Jecca says:
Great photos. So lovely to see the dogs and to hear your voice!
posted on: January 28

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Thea says:
E you make my heart ache I miss you so. Love seeing your beauties but where are you. Want to see you!!!!! The gray skies are just dampening me. It looks beautiful there even with gray. xoxoxox love you
posted on: January 29

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