December 15, 2009 4:40 PM- til death (or RKT) do us part

Swell Season

Above is a link to an interview boingboing did with Glen and Marketa of Swell Season. (I posted at fb, too-- but you don't really go to fb, do you?)

We went to see Swell Season at the Berklee School of Music at the beginning of November and it was simply perfect. (Well, except for all those stupid young people everywhere-- music students, wtf-- why did they have to be there? Just to make us feel old?)

Mostly, I came away utterly inspired by true troubadours-- so much talent up on that stage-- they could have kept playing for four days straight and not even begun to tap the well of their magic-- so good were they.

The last song they play in the interview above? Fallen From the Sky? Consider me slain.

In other news, yesterday sucked. Do you think when I wrote to you from that marshmellow-y state of mind that somehow I knew the day was going to suck me into a big swirling mess of goo? I'm going with yes.

In better news, today was AWESOME. Hence my writing to you so late in the day, or as some people call it-- early in the evening.

Not much to share but a few bits of imaginary dialogue between me and my husband.

(referencing, yet again, the deluge of divorce happening all around us)

me: Dream all you want, but you're never getting a divorce.

T: Never?

me: You married me, deal with it.

T: We could separate, amicably. I could live above the garage.

me: Nice try. You can live vicariously through your divorced friends, dearheart. Beyond that, only fantasy awaits.

me: I might have cancer.

T: Symptoms?

me: I have the worst stomach ache, again.

T: What'd you eat for lunch?

me: Rice Krispie Treats

T: What'd you eat for breakfast?

me: Rice Krispie Treats

He hands me a bottle of Pepto Bismal.

me: What's this?

T: Dinner.

Bisous, E

P.S. Check out JECCA doing one of those coolio group spontaneous music/dance pieces you see on YouTube (that's what they're called right?) I WANT TO HAVE THAT LIFE EXPERIENCE-- too bad we don't have piaza's in NH . ..

got 2 cents?

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Jazz says:
And here I thought rice was good for you!
posted on: December 16

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Megsie says:
Thank you for sharing that wonderful interview. And, Jecca is SO BRAVE. How fun! Regarding the whole divorce thing, it is scary isn't it? I have only had one (not close) friend go through a divorce, and I think when she began the proceedings she had no idea what it entailed. For her, or for her kids. It is so much like a death, and yet the ugliness is still present to deal with. It makes it hard to grieve. I think it is hard to be the "friend" too. Especially if you are friends with both of the people going through the divorce. Yuck. No Fun. Hugs to you.
posted on: December 16

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lizardek says:
You've made me laugh out loud numerous times lately. Just more evidence of the CRACKLING JOY which you are exuding!!
posted on: December 16

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Swirly says:
You always make me giggle.
posted on: December 16

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Jen says:
Ha! Snap Crackle POP! All that talk of marshmellow-y minds had me thinking about a treat before you even mentioned it. I agree with what Megsie said about divorce (yuck & all). Last year all one of our neighbors could talk about was divorcing her husband. She would talk about it all the time, even when he was with the group. She made it all sound so amicable, the plan for this kids, the $, the stuff. What is wrong with people? Every couple of years it seems like there is a group of divorces inside the circle of people we know. Always sad even though there is usually some healing in the end. It gets tough to sort through how to maintain your friendships and not get caught in the middle no matter how good your intentions.
posted on: December 16

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Mama Zen says:
The conversation about the Rice Krispie treats just killed me!
posted on: December 17

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Heather says:
Going through another on/off phase of reading blogs, so I'm catching up (all the way from November!), but I'm so glad your back and your post about middle age and change was really spot-on. (Plus I love Swell Season.)
posted on: December 17

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