December 01, 2009 2:42 PM- tuesday morning with maxfield

At about 7:30 this morning, I went outside to the woodshed to collect up some kindling. The light was irresistible, so I dumped the bits of splits and branches by the woodstove and went upstairs to get my camera.

After snapping some shots, I built the fire, wrote, meditated, sent off some emails, walked the dogs, got dressed (er, for town-- it's not like I walk the dogs naked, although the idea does intrigue me), threw the dogs into the back of the car and headed down the mountain.

I only got back to my desk about 20 minutes ago (it's quite dark now) and decided to see if there were any photos in the mix from the morning to share with you all today. I admit, I didn't have high hopes, but there you go-- cause I really like the feeling of these. There's something quite Maxfield Parrish about the violet light.

And, it doesn't hurt to have some columns standing about to really seal the effect.

The platform there got started this past summer. When it has fulfilled its manifest destiny, we expect to see a screened porch. The thing is, I really like it just the way it is. I know it will get finished and I know all the practical reasons why it will be better as a screened porch, but I will miss the open feeling it gives me right now. And so I am savoring this view each time I go out and collect up firewood.

You may think it odd that I have left all the chairs out there instead of putting them away for winter because I assure you, although the temps are unseasonably mild, nobody's gonna be sitting out there anytime soon as unseasonably mild in NH is still DAMN cold.

Perhaps you assume I am one lazy ass who can't get around to doing a few homestead tasks like storing away the summer furniture-- alas, although I am a lazy ass to be sure, in this case I have a different motive. It seems I like to think of those chairs as being filled by guests-- you know, like how sometimes people leave an empty chair at the table. Like that-- I like imagining there's a group of angelic spirits who gather there to shoot the breeze and kick acorns across the floor while laughing at human absurdity.

I know-- cuckoo for Coca Puffs, please-- no need to email me, I know.

And then there was this whole other lovely serendipitous exchange that happened this afternoon that I thought I was going to be telling you about in this post, but when I found the photos it took me in a whole different direction and I can't get back to my original topic without a mighty shifting of gears which I am-- wait for it-- too lazy to do in this moment.

But I can tell you this much, I'm writing a love note to December 2009 and it starts off like this, "well hello, Sweetness . . ."

Bisous, E

got 2 cents?

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linda says:
that chair has such character...it reminds me of an older woman (even older than me, of course) just sitting peacefully, letting the view seep into her bones and remembrances.
posted on: December 01

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Swirly says:
I want to be in one of those chairs RIGHT NOW, sitting with you, watching the sunset.
posted on: December 01

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Steph says:
That view is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your photos with us.
posted on: December 01

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Megsie says:
What breath-taking photographs. I LOVE the idea of the angelic spirits using those chairs! It brings such comfort. Just like the photos do. Now, my chairs, they are still out. Mostly because of the lazy-ass thing, but now, maybe there are angelic spirits on my patio as well. I am going with that.
posted on: December 01

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Amy says:
totally still have my chairs out on the deck for EXACTLY the same reason--my angelic spirits appear to be drinking red wine while kicking the acorns, possibly multiplying the laughs at human absurdity. . . . oh, and love that last shot, that curved chair bouncy rocks a bit, right? that one would be mine!
posted on: December 01

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Marie says:
Wish I had the same view from my place... Looks gorgeous!
posted on: December 02

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bella says:
I kinda love the porch open like that. The chairs make it all the more inviting. (I still have my chairs and table out on the patio...) Again, your photos are lovely. xo
posted on: December 02

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Jazz says:
One thing I'll say for the chairs, they make for damn good pictures.
posted on: December 02

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Lauren says:
Screened in porches make me shiver with delight. Sigh.
posted on: December 02

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hillary says:
I want to bundle up and come hang out in those chairs with your angelic spirits. I'm sure the screened in porch will be great, but I love the open version too.
posted on: December 02

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Terri Fischer says:
crazy is fun. love this post. :)
posted on: December 02

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lizardek says:
My dear: I just adore you.
posted on: December 02

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Marilyn says:
i love your porch, just as it is. because truly, E, that is one kick-*ss stage (set).
posted on: December 06

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