December 14, 2009 5:52 AM- sunshine and waffles

photo taken 20 December 2008

When I woke up this morning, it was still pitch dark out. From the comfort of my soft flannel sheets, I could hear T driving the plow truck up and down the road. By the time I came downstairs at 6:45am, he had already been up for over an hour, plowed the road, taken a shower, dressed for work, packed himself a beautiful lunch and was leisurely finishing his second cup of coffee.


Now it is nearly three hours later and the sun is pouring in every window. It's a sunglasses kind of day here on the snowy mountainside. And despite the crisp, clear weather-- the two cups of coffee, and my neatly planned schedule for the day ahead-- I am doubling up the fffffs in waffle.

It's the kind of mind space when I don't want to write because I can't think straight and my activities should be kept to filling buckets with water, drop by drop.

Seriously-- do you ever have days like that? Where you wonder how it is you ever did get anything done in the past because right now? you would so fail the test to be a toll collector-- well, not YOU, obvs . . but me.

Even if I had passed the test-- I'd be one of those mind-in-the-clouds toll booth types who has to cross in front of lanes of traffic to get to my station-- gingerly stepping from concrete divider to concrete divider holding my little money tray out in front of me-- and then WHAM-- flattened by an 18-wheeler who has an easy pass and doesn't have to stop, but flies through, only I wasn't paying any attention and SPLAT.

Yeah-- I don't think they would want me on their team, for sure. Hell, I wouldn't want me on their team.

Usually I dive into Monday like it was a pond in summer, but not today. Maybe because I worked both Saturday and Sunday? Who knows--

Right now I am going to try and get on my groove. The fastest way for me to do that is to go downstairs, put on my ski pants (okay, they are really snowboarding pants, but you know, whatever), boots, hat, gloves, vest, jacket-- load the water camel on my back, fill my pockets with dog biscuits, put the collars on the dogs-- remember my phone, and head out for a big long walk.

There's a strong possibility that I will return filled with vim, vigor and clarity of purpose. Of course, there's an equally strong possiblity that I will return flagged and head straight in for a mid-morning nap.

Oh, Life-- you unpredictable vixen!

photo taken 20 December 2008

Bisous, E

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Jazz says:
My monday morning brain is packed with cotton. I can't be bothered, yet here I sit at my desk at work pretending to be productive and pretending like I give a damn. I so need a mental health day.
posted on: December 14

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Megsie says:
I hate days like that. A long "to do" list and no focus. A nap might be exactly what you need! I bet those puppies would join you....
posted on: December 14

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lizardek says:
Paragraph 2 made me laugh so loud. :D I vote for NAP! NAP NAP NAP!
posted on: December 14

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Christine C. says:
Don't you just hate morning people?! The VIJ has a whole other life before my head ever leaves the pillow. Maybe this Monday is calling for long walks and naps...a mighty find to-do list in and of itself! Give your hardworking self a break, girl.
posted on: December 14

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Swirly says:
I woke up ready to tackle every Christmas task in front of me - AND do laundry - and here it is after 1:00pm and, yes, many Christmas tasks are done, but, alas, many more are still sitting in front of me. But right now? I'm eating celery. Talk about the spirit of Christmas!
posted on: December 14

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Libby says:
Love the picture. Those faces are wonderful. Made me laugh out loud. And I absolutely needed that first thing this monday morning. Thanks!
posted on: December 14

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Lauren says:
I beat T: I was up at 4:12 this morning. (Kill me now, please.) Then again, he was being productive and I was just lying in bed, praying to fall back asleep. No dice. Actually, he won. And I hate days like that.
posted on: December 14

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