December 08, 2009 5:49 AM- borderless by default

photo taken December 2008

Despite having snapped some photos here this morning from where I'm sitting-- capturing some icicles on the window in my studio, etc., there will be no new pictures until I can get my web guru to look at what's going on. You see, over the weekend, Jeanine was showing me some stuff in photoshop, actions and such-- stuff I've never used-- and somehow, I've lost the default settings that I had.

The thing is, I don't know anything about photoshop (except that my version is like 3 revs back and so the actions didn't work anyway) and only go in there to resize my photos and save them for the web.

But I do have to have my borders, gotta have my borders and right now I can't get them to work despite re-booting, reconfiguring, etc. and so, for the time being-- no new pictures.

Right now, it's time for me to get the dogs out for a long walk. This is a long week for me as I mentioned (can't wait to share with you all the projects I've been working on-- that will be in January) and I'm in kind of a full on mode.

However, the reason I wanted to share some sunlight photos this morning is to say, ohhh, how we love our ESSE. The last house we lived in (for 12 years) was 103 years old and drafty like a I don't know what-- just trust me when I say DRAFTY-- when I say catching a breeze down your neck in February. And, no matter how I cranked the heat-- the house was cold.

So there is not one moment of one morning I do not cherish traipsing about our house in bare feet, t-shirt and yoga leggings because the house is toasty due to our blessed woodstove. We run no electicity, no heat of any kind-- the woodstove heats the entire house with a deep, marrow of your bones melting warmth.

And I am so profoundly grateful.

Okay, Henry is now whining next to me which can only mean one thing-- the boy MUST get outside this minute. Must go--

Bisous, E

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jeanine says:
i spy with my little eye... a border :) so sorry about the default settings... sure hope it's not something i did. also... mmmm. wood stove goodness.
posted on: December 08

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bp says:
yes-- there is a border on that photo cause it's old-- from a year ago-- I can't add borders to current photos is what I mean to say, and YES<-- it's all YOUR fault! ha, not.
posted on: December 08

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Jazz says:
When we got our new stove for the cottage (just a 500 pound Jotul) we had it delivered and installed. We're lazy like that. The three delivery guys/installers did not like us at all when they realized they had to haul the thing up 40 steps just to get to the house and then another 25 or so to get it to the main floor where it was to be installed. Much cussing ensued - as well as an offer of beer once the work was done. The beer and a fine tip went over better than the 60 some stairs.
posted on: December 08

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Megsie says:
My feet are in fuzzy socks and are still freezing. The first thing I did this morning is make myself a hot chocolate--with marshmallows. I am so, cold. And here you are bragging in bare feet. Hmph.
posted on: December 08

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Swirly says:
I'm glad you're toasty warm!
posted on: December 08

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Tracey says:
ooh. can't wait to hear of all the projects you've been working on... sounds delicious!!
posted on: December 08

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Karin aka Cornball says:
I must be the last person boarding the late freight as I just discovered you back TO.DAY. accidentally via Jeanine's blog. Thanks, Jeanine. Your blog, BP, incomparable. So glad you're back!
posted on: December 09

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bella says:
oh gosh, i remember the story you told about getting the Esse into your house. i've told it to my daughter (these type of stories intrigue her). helpful hint? picnik(dot)com. so easy! i use both picnik and photoshop to tweak my pictures, but it it's borders you crave, picnik has them. they have stuff you can use for free and even more goodies if you splurge $25 for the year. have a good day!! xo
posted on: December 09

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