December 21, 2007 9:20 AM- after the storm

We got another 10 inches of snow yesterday. How much does that total, then? Well, let?s use those chairs I photographed seven days ago?assuming that the chairs are the average height (18?) and we could see their seats before, and now? Well, take a gander for yourself.

December 14, 2007

December 21, 2007


My love for inanimate objects continues unabated. In fact, I must admit that in addition to the hot, burning love I have for my woodstove, I am in a deep and meaningful relationship with Ruby, our plow truck.

Despite a wonky transmission that desperately needs replacing, Ruby has faced down each of these storms and continued to keep our road clear for travel.

This morning, I went out with the dogs to see the light come up. Rather, only one of the dogs could appreciate the glowing beauty.

The other two philistines care only for the more carnal pleasures life has to offer.

DAISY: Pull my finger! Pull my finger!

OLLIE: Eat snow, dogbreath.

HENRY: Must I always be photographed in their midst?

Of course, the stunning colors last only moments before the cool lights take over and we drift into the pale blue of a quiet December day.

But for those brief moments this morning?oh, the sky was a kingdom of light.

got 2 cents?

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Jazz says:
Oh....oh, oh.... Tomorrow!!! Tomorrow I'm off to the cottage until after new years. Can't wait... can I borrow the doggies for a week? Joyeux Noel petit coquelicot.
posted on: December 21

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Molly says:
Oh those sunsets! So beautiful! There was a snowstorm when I was in Michigan for my grandfather's memorial, and I absolutely loved that cozy stuck-in-the-storm feeling. A white Christmas indeed! Happy Holidays! xox
posted on: December 21

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Joy says:
Breathtaking! I'm planning to go for a snow hike in the Whites next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
posted on: December 21

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Tami says:
The sky and snow in your neck of the woods is truly astounding! I have to add ? if ever you see another dog with Henry?s genetic makeup, you need to bring him directly to Kentucky or we can pick him up. I am in love with Henry!
posted on: December 21

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kateri says:
This just made me long for the farm next door at sunrise. I must get there tomorrow. Send us some snow please??? Simply gorgeous geography...thank you for capturing it so perfectly. Have you ever been to Eagle Pond? I have pictures from there that make my knees weak every time I look at them. xx00xx
posted on: December 21

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Absolute Vanilla... (and Atyllah) says:
Those sunset shots are just stunning, as though the world is ablaze! And while you're being buried under snow, we're sweltering in the heat. All the very best for the holidays.
posted on: December 21

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Sherry says:
Just got a good chuckle out of the buried chairs. Do you know you live in a dream land? The colors! Oh! The colors! And of course, the ever faithful pup-pups leaves me with a smile. I'm in a state of wow.
posted on: December 21

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lizardek says:
HAHAH! "Pull my finger!" you are too funny :D So...if we were still sitting in those chairs, we'd be BURIED now! :D
posted on: December 21

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lynne says:
Beautiful, just beautiful. How serene and calming! I am SO jealous of your snow. We are supposed to get heavy rain tomorrow which will more than likely wash away what snow we have remaining. Not very Christmas-y. :( Make merry!
posted on: December 22

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Reya Mellicker says:
The images are stunning. Wow. Given how much snow you've gotten, of course you love Ruby your plow truck. Gosh. Happy return of the light, Bluepoppy. May 2008 bring all good things to you, the dogs, and the inanimate objects in your life. Onwards and upwards into the new solar year. Cheers!
posted on: December 22

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Pippa says:
Thank you for sharing the beauty you see, BP! Living in a country where snow is very rare, these photos really transport me ... stay warm ~ it looks very cold! Over here our temperatures are soaring into about 30 degrees Celsius (86 deg F) which is normal for Christmas time. Come on over any time you need some heat!
posted on: December 22

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endment says:
Fantastic light! Wish I had a friendly old snow plow just now. We have so much ice on our hilly drive we are "snow bound" :) Keep warm and have fun in that snow!
posted on: December 22

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melanie says:
Just beautiful!
posted on: December 22

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bella says:
I love how the sky looks like it's on fire! True beauty.
posted on: December 23

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Claire says:
hello my friend! that looks cold from arabia...beauty all around you x x x
posted on: December 26

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