April 27, 2007 8:57 AM- shakin' the tin cup

Peter de Seve
The New Yorker, May 19, 2003

This morning there were a half-dozen emails asking about the name, title etc. of the New Yorker picture I posted earlier this week. For the sake of expediency let me put it here in case anyone else is interested.

The cover was on the August 3, 1998 issue and the artist is Carter Goodrich.

As you can see from the photo above which is a cover I framed myself because I adore it so (I save all my issues with the intention of someday framing more . . but we all know how my ideas go off on walkabout never to be seen again) I have a mild addiction to New Yorker cover art. If you want to check out what is now available to purchase they have a Cartoon Bank where you can purchase stuff.

The irony was not lost on me when I just went to snap this photo given that I am waist-deep in the sludge called grant-writing. My beloved Pan, reduced to tootling on a street corner to a city of deaf ears.


(start rant) I am doing my best to call on the satiric energies of the late, great Vonnegut to keep me laughing at the absurdity of it all as the jingles of my tin cup are muffled under mountains of paperwork that must then be made into six copies.

It. Is. So. Insane.

Have these bureaucrats ever met the people who work at non-profits? Do they stop in regularly to see how non-profit people sit around all day drinking champagne while their drivers keep the town car idling outside?

Hint: the moneyhounds are not at the non-profits. No one goes into the field of non-profit to make a killing. Why not spend the time and energy on the Enron assholes of the universe? Why not get off your collective derriere and set up a system where you actually SEE what the organizations are doing and develop relationships with actual people so that you can TRUST the people who report back to you?

If you knew how much time, energy, paper, people, etc was used up to receive pennies (pennies!) you would laugh with me, maniacally, perhaps-- but laughter, nevertheless.

There are too many stupid and disorganized people in the world and this annoys me. (/end rant)

Having said all that-- I am trying the Shaker approach here. Doesn't matter if I'm washing a dish, handing out cupcakes, writing a grant, or collecting tolls-- what matters is how I do the task--the energy and intention behind it.

So, I'll tell you -- I am doing it with heart, but also with my fair share of spit.

And as far as I know, the Shakers didn't advise a whole lot of spitting. I'm thinking that's my own special way.

got 2 cents?

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lizardek says:
Spit away, dear, it sounds as if you're entitled. Also, where's the line for the handing out of cupcakes??
posted on: April 27

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Heather says:
I guess I had known that about the Shakers, but it was nice to be reminded. And yes, I think spit would be called for as well in your instance. (PS - I worked for Enron and yes, the government should have spent more time examining them!)
posted on: April 27

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Tripping Daisy says:
Spitting sounds very therapeutic. Lizardek, I am right behind you in that line!!
posted on: April 28

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impossiblejane says:
Hence it's called NON-PROFIT. Because the money is no good! I feel you. Week after week when I look at my dismal paycheck and wonder why I've put up with what I do I realize I love my job. I don't do it for the cash. I have been watching my boss pull her hair out for the last 2 days because she's working on a grant for pregnant teen moms and she only learned about the grant last week and it's due next week. Not fun during the process but so good once the grant is granted! Keep up the good work. Jane
posted on: April 28

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Reya Mellicker says:
Beaurocrats are like worker bees or ants. A lot of tunnel vision, trudging, busywork. They pass that on to others because to them it seems right and fitting. I'm not sure the idea of not-for-profit could ever be explained to the people who review grants. May the force be with you!
posted on: April 28

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frecklegirl jess says:
Oh man, I feel for you... At least plant yourself by that beautiful view of yours.
posted on: April 28

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Chris says:
I love love LOVE this post! I agree 110% with your rant and I adore how you end it with a little bit about purpose and energy. Here's to Bluepoppy, swimming upstream to make the world a better place.
posted on: April 28

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violetismycolor says:
I just love this cover! I collect all sorts of interesting cover art, too, especially illustration. Wish I had this one, myself.
posted on: April 28

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christina says:
Oh, I love New Yorker cover art too--I got to Meet Harry Bliss this year (he did this month's cover.) He came to our school. Such a funny, kind, unassuming guy. He could crack the funniest jokes with a straight face, and made every kid with a question feel important. I love the idea of framing covers--and I'm SO WITH YOU on the beaurocracy rant!
posted on: April 28

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bohemiangirl says:
I hear ya girl. I'm going through the same thing with the f***ing government. Jumping through hoops, filling out a million redundant forms, hoping that they'll support little independent me (with pennies) instead of putting my tax money towards a war that I don't support. I feel your frustration but good for you for continuing to move in the positive.
posted on: April 29

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Sam says:
Just this week, watching one of my bosses scurry around with grant paperwork, I told her I halfway wanted to learn to write grants - but not really! Because then I would have to deal with the headaches of it all. And Lord knows I'm not organized - but your Shaker approach will surely bring fruit to your endeavour. I just know it. But it is very sad that all these worthy, wonderful programs have to scrap for the money -
posted on: April 29

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otter says:
Boo, bureaucrats. But if you stumble on that champagne and town car gig, give me a call. I'm all over that.
posted on: April 30

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thepaperdoll says:
being a bureaucrat myself (ducks. runs for cover. as heavy things are thrown my way) i must stand up for myself. worker bee i am not. i assure you i think the paper work is as absurd as the rest of you. i only do it because our filing cabinets would be so lonely without drawers full of useless paper 10 years old. oh and to save my own ass because in this day and age you never know when you?re going to get sued. i've yet to figure out why the government runs the way it does. but such is life. we aren't all bad i promise. and one day at the world's end i'm sure the government?s odd methods will be revealed. anyway here's to reforming the government from the inside out. and good luck bp. if you were filing for a grant in my state I?d make sure it went through! ;)
posted on: April 30

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tinker says:
The cover reminds me of "Jitterbug Perfume" - even though Pan wasn't necessarily panhandling in it. Just reduced to leaving beets on people's doorsteps to help them remember him... Hang in there, BP - enough spit and elbowgrease will eventually pay off - just wish it were for more than a pittance.
posted on: April 30

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