September 28, 2007 1:44 PM- rollin' with my ponies

It is a soft, soft morning. Or, rather, it was.

I slept until 10 am and I will say, it was heavenly. The past three (four?) weeks of my life have felt like body surfing with a decidedly capricious undertow?exhilarating, sure, but there comes a moment when you must drag your salt-addled ass out of the water and collapse on the sand.

The good news is that the busyness has none of that wretched anxiety that gripped me at this time last year (and didn?t actually release its talons until last April thanks to the magic healing powers of Linda).

No doubt my fledgling confidence will hit ground a few times this semester (er, Autumn, for those living outside the parameters of an academic calendar)?in fact, I have already experienced some waves of profound insecurity, but I?m dishing that off to a full moon.

Yesterday, I ironed my clothes. This is noteworthy because I do not iron clothes or sheets ? just ask my recent guests, they will admit to sleeping in wrinkled, albeit clean, bed linens. Oddly, the ironing board is permanently set up with the iron ever at the ready. Is this a subtle means of self-mockery? Or, perhaps, a savvy time-saving device for those rare occasions when I pull clothes from the laundry pile and attempt to look less like a woman who lives on the street and more like a woman who lives on the street with a modicum of self-respect? Hmm, a question for the sages.

Either way, the results were satisfactory and I have now attended both classes that I will be teaching this semester. On Monday, I launch into my new schedule full-bore.

In short, for those of you playing along at home, I am taking two art classes: one is multi-media, the other is digital applications in printmaking. And, I am teaching two sophmore writing courses at an art college. To make it all the more like a 3-ring circus (because really, who doesn't like clowns and volkswagons?*) each of these classes, those I?m taking AND those I?m teaching, are at three. different. art. schools.

That?s right. Why simplify your itinerary with one-stop shopping when you can add more driving(!) to your already commute-laden schedule? Just say no to ease and simplicity.

Ah, but I jest. It?s all good. Things are a bit overloaded because the teaching gig only materialized last week and, although I was thrilled to land it, I had not planned for it.

Eek. How much more blah blah blah can you stand? Gah. It?s about time I unpack the suitcase that has been sitting on my closet floor since I got back from Ohio so I?m gonna pass the mic to Ollie who?s got something to say.

OLLIE: Last weekend, two kind, sensitive women came to visit and I, most distinctly, heard them say, ?we?re focusing all of our attention on Ollie because he is the neglected dog.?

Amen sisters. Good to know there are people out there who get it. And these women stroked me and cuddled me and lo, it was good.

OLLIE: It?s about damn time someone realized how forlorn I have been. How painful it has been for me when it?s always, ?Oh Henry?he?s so original? and ?Oh Daisy, she?s so adorable.? Someone owes me a big apology?yeah, bluepoppy, I?m glaring at you, bitch.

OLLIE: But then, in a flash it was over. One moment I was wrapped in the loving embrace of two caring, gentle women. The next, suitcases rolled and off they went.

I was left, yet again, to the mind-numbing tribulations of these two.

HENRY: I don?t see why I should be blamed. It?s not my fault that I?m dead gorgeous.

DAISY: This is all just a big misunderstanding. Here, let me lick you with my giant tongue. That will make things better.

OLLIE: Just let me pine, dammit. Can?t a dog pine in peace?

*FULL DISCLOSURE: I hate clowns.

got 2 cents?

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Claire says:
I hate clowns too! Neither do I iron. We are officially soul twins...I wish I could've read this post in my car today - either on my two hour morning journey, or two hour journey home (from the other side of the city) or maybe after I plucked the parking fine from my windscreen or when the motorcyclist bumped my car. Just those pictures of leaves and the mushrooms by the tree would've been like a valium...I mean, not the actual mushrooms, don't try it!
posted on: September 28

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Heather says:
Ollie - you're my hero!!! If I came to visit you could lick me all you wanted and sleep in bed with me and eat my table scraps and everything. Do you feel better now?
posted on: September 28

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Tami says:
Good luck with the classes and teaching!
posted on: September 28

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Jazz says:
Oh! Wee and Otter!!! I love Wee. And Otter! I check her now and then too. What an amazing weekend that must have been. And the green eyed monster rears its ugly head...
posted on: September 28

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christina says:
So exciting that you're teaching writing. And of course you wouldn't simplify and do a one-stop deal, you're an aquarius :) we don't simplify, we follow our whimsy. Glad to hear that September isn't making you glum like last year. The weather has helped. Hasn't it been LOVELY?
posted on: September 29

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nichole says:
ewww. i hate clowns too. not that there is anything wrong in being a clown.
posted on: September 30

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kateri says:
Hi :-) Oh you make me laugh...but seriously...what a schedule! But how very satisfying, and exciting! I would LOVE to teach some day. For now I can read about your adventures and be inspired!
posted on: September 30

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river selkie says:
i refuse to iron. why bother? 30 seconds after you do things have wrinkles from being used. why waste the time? i've discovered that that reasoning originally stemmed from a laziness in ironing when then blossomed to full on scorn of the iron. now i will never buy one. i will use them, however, for very special occasions if i need them. otherwise, i travel with full on wrinkles. like henry. ;)
posted on: October 01

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bad penguin says:
Is there anyone who actually likes clowns? I find them creepy. Also, I do not iron. I have an iron, but it functions as a paperweight in my spare bedroom. Good luck with all your classes -- the ones you're teaching and the ones you're taking!
posted on: October 01

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lizardek says:
Have your ears been burning? Mom and I have been reminiscing about Soliden. Wee and Otter look like they belong there. And I'm so glad that Ollie has been getting some extra loving because I, too, was thinking he was being a little neglected lately. :D *smooch*
posted on: October 01

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steph says:
oh holy spam love! Clowns freak me out. I don't know what it is. Daisy, I know you girl. Ollie is so complicated, and Henry's just so hot. I'd be loving your seat in between them. You're an aquarius, too? That explains it all, sista. You'll do great, just don't forget to fill the tank up the night before.
posted on: October 02

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Molly says:
Oh no with the spam! This is awful! However, I must say: Goodness, you live somewhere so gorgeous I can almost not stand it. I love looking at your photographs and imagining a vacation, when this is home for you!
posted on: October 02

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