December 04, 2004 8:31 AM- saturday bliss

Oh man, I was so sure. For weeks now (months?) I have been wanting to opine but nothing has moved me. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was going to rant on Hollywood's utter failure seeing as there were NO MOVIES to go see on a four-day freaking weekend! The gall.

I then thought I would just post about my languishing opine section, but then I thought--hell, if I do that people are going to tell me to read a book or listen to some new music, you loser-- so I decided not to say anything.

And then. Last night. T brought home a DVD that minutes into it I thought YAY--- wonderful-- something for the opine bin. It had Jeremy Northam (have I not told you how much, much, much I like Mr. Northam?) and Tilda Swinton who is faboo--- even had a cameo with Charlotte Rampling. But the best? The best? It was all set in France--- the south of France. And it showed the FOOD and the ARCHITECTURE in so many shots. In fact, the first food scene was so good I made T go back so we could watch it again.

White tablecloths. Smoking permitted. A whole fish delivered on a platter with simple elegance. A three tiered tray of tiny macaroons on the table as coffee is served. Oh, I think I'm going to have to go back upstairs and replay it again. I can SMELL that restaurant. I can feel the chairs and see out the window. I swear.

Anyway. It was a thriller of sorts with Michael Caine (not my fave, but he did very well in this role) and I was SO going to opine on it, until it fell apart three-quarters of the way through. No fault of Tilda and Jeremy who were terrific and had the movie just stayed with them it might have been a whole helluva lot better. No, it fell apart in pacing and focus. A souffle. All the exceitment that it was perfect--rising, rising only to see it collapse as you have lifted it out of the stove and set it to rest. Poof. Gone.

Oh well. The name of the movie is "The Statement" (directed by Norman Jewison)--- I can recommend the first half-- in fact, that is what I recommend-- just keep replaying the first half.

Today is a most glorious, sunny, lightly snowy Saturday. And I have no obligations. None. I know that I will finish the play today (or, perhaps, tomorrow) and there's a bit of sadness/resistance to finishing it-- but mostly a lot of excitement cause now I can make some phone calls and set up a reading.

Then, on the day of the reading I'll be here dry heaving all over the keyboard in abject terror and horror and be SCREAMING at you all-- "why did you not stop me?? How could you let me do this to myself?" HAHAHAhahahahhaahhahah. I'm not really laughing, you know. I'm here weeping because it is so true.

But if I can have half the experience I did at the last reading, I will be overjoyed and the world will sparkle like fresh snow in the morning sun.

got 2 cents?

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lizardek says:
That's funny. Reading a new post by BP makes MY world sparkle like fresh snow in the morning sun. :)
posted on: December 04

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bp says:
*kissing Lizardek* Lizardek! That was so fucking sweet! It made me tingle.
posted on: December 04

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lizardek says:
I love it when that happens! XD
posted on: December 04

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wee says:
Can I get in on this tingling?!! And the snow. No snow. And I live in Canada. Say it with me "CANADA." the land of snow and moose and wee and milk and honey and any number of great comedians who wouldsurely be able to come up with something more witty than this! Woo hoo on the play. Really. That's just so fantastic. Just so you know, when the dry heaving starts in earnest, I'll be there to serve you gingerale and saltine crackers and wipe your fevered brow.
posted on: December 04

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meg says:
I wish you all kinds of luck on the reading. How exciting!! And I'm uber-jealous of the snow. :(
posted on: December 04

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gatsby says:
check out "the quiet american" michael caine- "not a fave"??? blame it on rio? the man who would be king? jaws: the revenge? please, he's a master thespian- i really felt like he was terrified of that shark. no, honestly "the quiet american" is excellent. kiss kiss,
posted on: December 04

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Marilyn says:
"...a whole fish delivered on a platter..." I'm afraid that would be a strike AGAINST for me...but then that's because I've been traumatized by the time a whole fish arrived on my LUNCH PLATE here. I'm not eating anything that's going to WATCH ME eat it. Never heard of the film, but I'll look for it (or at least the first half of it). Congratulations on finishing the play!! What will you do to celebrate (before the dry heaving commences)? Will you be posting an excerpt from said play? Are you going to take pity on your poor blog pals who live in culturally-deprived outposts? :)
posted on: December 04

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violetismycolor says:
I went to see "Closer" yesterday... with Jude Law, Clive Owen (yummy), Julia Roberts, etc...it was intense! and awesome. Go see that when you get the chance and then I want to hear you opine.
posted on: December 04

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Erica says:
Not only would I not stop you from doing the reading, I'll be sitting here, sad and blue (no pun intended), wishing I could attend. As Marilyn said, you really should post an excerpt as a service to those of us stuck in houses made of ticky-tack.
posted on: December 04

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Margaret says:
Est-ce que tu as visite le sud de la France? Moi, j'y ai passe beaucoup de temps; je l'adore.
posted on: December 05

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