November 28, 2004 9:41 AM- the sun and the moon

The full moon this weekend has been outrageous. I'm not much of a moon girl-- I'm more of a sun worshipper (I've honestly considered going out west and having some rawhide threaded under my breastbone so that I could be hoisted up onto a pole and left there for three days. I think it would be good for my character development--but I've used up all my vacation time for this year).

In fact, I think it's safe to say that I hang low when the full moon is out cause her whammy can zap me like a motherfucker. I've known women who get the power from the full moon and are very much moon energy people and damn, they are some seriously powerful females. But the moon and me? Like a microwave set on high and a stick of butter. I don't stand a chance.

I've often wondered if the reason I had no female connection to the moon was that perhaps this is my first lifetime as a woman and if in all of my past lifetimes I was male maybe I haven't yet really made the energetic transition. As if this is a trial run, so to speak and I'm not really given the keys to the kingdom until I pledge my sovereignty. And the verdict is still out on that. I'm pretty much in the Frida Kahlo camp when it comes to another go-round. Male or female. As she said on her deathbed, "I don't ever want to come back."

Which is not to say I wouldn't be willing to come back in some supportive non-human form-- but that would be predicated on my soul growth of course which brings us back to the 3-day sun trial that I would surely need to go through to get my soul even remotely ready for consideration. So, I don't have any real hopes of getting off this merry-go-round anytime soon. And, if I had to choose, I think I would come back again as female. I'll always want to ask for directions.

Wow. From the meanderings of this post you might think I'm in a negative space-- and I am so not. Had a fabulous weekend. Gorgeous, perfect weekend. I even learned you can make rice krispie treats with Special K. Did you know this? Am I the first to invent this? We had marshmallows left over from the bonfire and I didn't have any rice krispies and then I saw that Special K is ALSO a lightly toasted rice cereal-- so I went for it and you know what? They were awesome and healthy, too.

I'm now officially 7 scenes away from finishing the play I want to get put on next summer. If I can finish it in the next four weeks or so, we can have a reading in February and then set up a production plan for August. *fingers crossed*

So, the full moon--- it was simply spectacular and would rise right across from us and I tried like hell to get a good pic of it, but without a zoom lens it wasn't happening-- looks like a little blip dot when in fact it was freaking huge and amazing. Oh well--- after Christmas when I get my new camera I will try to capture the full moon for y'all as I suspect in and amongst some of my longtime readers there are some serious moon worshippers . ..

got 2 cents?

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river selkie says:
i'm a moon worshipper, because i think it is beautiful and i've just always loved the night sky and the moon itself. but i haven't really noticed my energy levels changing with the phases of the moon. i mean i hadn't thought about it enough to examine it. i HAVE noticed that i tend to have more energy in the evenings when the sun is going to bed. but that doesn't have so much to do with the moon phases, specifically. i also do better in the non-summer arizona months, where the sun is not frying my ass. but i've often thought about our possible different lives as a male or female or whatever. very interesting stuff, i think.
posted on: November 28

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Marilyn says:
Dammit, now you've got that Richard Harris image stuck in my mind...what the hell was that movie anyway? :) I loves me a big full moon. LOVE IT. Stirs me up at night though. My family's in the bail bonds business in California...business spikes during a full moon. Seriously. As for the past lives stuff...jesus, just don't let me come back as anymore motherfreakin' nuns...
posted on: November 28

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Margaret says:
That photo is gorgeous! I love your meanderings, don't ever stop. Ou veux-tu aller dans l'ouest? Ici, dans l'etat de Washington, il n'y a pas beaucoup de soleil. Tu parles de la Californie, peut-etre!
posted on: November 28

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violetismycolor says:
This may sound strange, but I actually do have some past-life memories and of all the ones I do remember, I am a woman...weird, huh?
posted on: November 28

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lizardek says:
*hugs breastplate in sympathy pain*
posted on: November 29

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amber says:
I am soooo not a moon person. I tightly shut my blinds and hope that no moonlight sneaks in. My mom makes Christmas wreaths with the special k treats: Add green food coloring, shape into wreaths and top with a couple of red hots for the holly berries!
posted on: November 29

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sun-warrior-woman says:
Oh Christmas wreaths with special K treats and red hots for holly berries-- I am all OVER that!
posted on: November 29

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lady jane says:
how very appropriate - I am reading Marion Zimmer Bradley now and have Goddess thoughts swirling about my brain. The full moon, though, is a bad mamma-jamma, and i like to blame my mood swings on her. How about a full moon AND rain? That's probably NOT a good combination, either.
posted on: November 29

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melanie says:
I guess I am a moon kind of girl. Bright light hurts my eyes and gives me nasty headaches so I tend to stay inside during the brightest part of the day. However, I love the heat - which is too bad because there isn't a lot of it for 8 months out of the year in the province I live in.
posted on: November 30

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bodhisatta says:
full moon AND pms? no wonder i feel like ass.
posted on: November 30

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Coleen says:
I wonder if making the rice krispies treats with fat-free marshmallows and the extra fiber Special K makes them, like, 0 WW points for the whole pan.
posted on: December 01

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Kat says:
girl: you ain't never done no moon-bathing??? Here's how it works: next full moon, park a bed in front of a window where the moonrays are blasting through. Then sleep. heh. heh. :)
posted on: December 01

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