August 02, 2010 10:05 AM- chasing waterfalls

It's been a slow morning.

Which is not to say we weren't up early. Oh, indeed.

As I'm sure you all know, there's nothing quite like a logging truck breathily idling under your window at 6am to start the day.

Just how big a sound is the purring engine of an 18-wheeled rig designed to haul tons of freshly murdered lumber? Hmmm, good question-- something between a fourth of July fireworks finale and the launch of Apollo 13, I would say.

But really, it's all good. What else would I have done but squander the sunshine lounging in bed, right?

Still, I haven't got much to share with you. (Well, that's not entirely true as Tara was up visiting this weekend and yesterday we went blueberry picking and I picked 5 pints of blueberries that are sitting on my kitchen counter-- which, after I make a batch of scones and store some away to eat on my oatmeal this week I'll still have, oh I don't know like FOUR PINTS of blueberries . . . to do something with -- so hey! If you want some fresh blueberries, just say the word-- that I've got!)

This morning, we took our regular stroll down to the waterfalls where I sat in the sun on a rock by a great pool of blue/green water and watched the white falls pour steadily in.

Daisy swam, shook off all over me and then swam again. Henry picked delicately along the shore, attempted to step into the pool, but when one paw slipped a bit on the top of a mossy stone, he quickly backed up and played it safe on the shore.

HENRY: Am a delicate flower.

It's a bit much for me to reconcile that August has begun.

July 2010 was such a huge month for me in so many regards-- full on, full out, 31 days of straight up beauty-- yet some of those days were entirely too painful. So, I don't know that I want it to be over-- I don't want to be closer to the cold of Autumn as I am deep into the rich sweetness of summer, but I am also in a place of full-on relief to have so much behind me that I hope I will never have to face again.

Right now, I'm just going to sink into the allowing of it all and let Daisy give a wave of good-bye to July and hello to August.

Oh, and also a hello to our walking companion-- Quinnie (not the way to spell her name, but her name is Irish and I have no idea how to spell it so this is how I think of it. She is a young lab who lives across the way and loves to join us each morning and each afternoon as we go for our walks. I'm sure you'll be seeing more of her in the future. I call her the dog of YES as she is the most open-hearted, open-spirited creature I have ever met. Her entire personality says YES).

Bisous, E

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Karin says:
It's all so beautiful, Elizabeth...including the cup next to your chair. Hang in, girlfriend. xoxkarin
posted on: August 02

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sherry says:
I am so very happy you are finding a place of freedom. Embrace it fully!
posted on: August 02

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Megsie says:
Such breath-taking beauty surrounds you and your puppies. I love that Henry is a delicate flower. And I love that you have left some of your pain behind. Have you ever made blueberry boy bait? (go to smitten kitchen and search-your site won't let me link to it) It is from heaven above. Just a thought for all those blueberries. That, or there is always pie. Great. Now I need to go to the store and buy blueberries....
posted on: August 02

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Barb says:
Elizabeth, I'm sorry; but, I'm going to have to leave. I keep seeing an empty space for a beautiful dog who was separated from his brother and sister... Hugs. Good luck.
posted on: August 02

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lizardek says:
I know it's not over, but you have come a long way down the path. Frozen blueberries are perfect candy goodness...but you have to freeze them on a cookie sheet so they don't all clump together.
posted on: August 02

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veronica says:
where you are is just beautiful... enjoy this season. even though we've had some cooler weather this past weekend, I suspect there are plenty of sweet summer days yet to come! peace to you and the pups.
posted on: August 02

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Jazz says:
What a lovely place... Hello Quinnie.
posted on: August 02

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Claire says:
the drystone wall with the big wide open gate - says it all. So beautiful...x
posted on: August 02

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Ollie says:
Barb please don't be too hard on Mom. Things here at Soliden are actually pretty good. Without Henry around, I finally have a chance to eat my dinner in peace without that big wrinkly goof staring at me over my shoulder. And Daisy? She is cute - I'll give her that, she's a heartbreaker - but she made a choice for the big man early on in our relationship, and she's going to have to live with that. And me? Well, actually I'm pretty okay. It's kind of nice having the old man to myself now. We just hang. I think he feel guilty about me being alone more now too - don't tell him I actually like it! - so he walks me a lot now and he's always around, getting in my face and stuff. It's okay. We've got some plans. Can you believe it?! I even started eating biscuits!!.. Anyway, I gotta go. I think I hear something....
posted on: August 02

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doorways traveler says:
"in it" to "through it" and onward. you give me hope. beautiful. xx lisa
posted on: August 02

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tinker says:
Blueberries and waterfalls - what a picture you'paint with those words. Not to mention Henry, the delicate flower. I think there might be a whole picture book hiding in that phrase... p.s. Isn't it in August when Patry bakes her traditional writer's lucky blueberry pie?
posted on: August 02

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bella c. says:
hello Quinnie ~ so nice to meet ya! (did you know that we'll be soon adopting a pup into our family?? <--excitement!!) this space where you're living is like a torn page from a peaceful book. i hope that the hazy August sunsets wrap you in their warmth. xo
posted on: August 03

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Christina says:
Sending kisses! Let's spend some time this fall. Even a day. A few hours. We have a room here... Love!
posted on: August 03

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Thea says:
oh freshly picked blueberries...my absolute favorite! Love your sharing of walks and magical moments. Those beautiful dogs are also a treat to see! xo
posted on: August 08

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