June 21, 2010 6:21 AM- summer solstice

Saturday morning I got up at 4, left the house at 4:30 and drove down to the Manchester airport to catch a 7:10 flight to Norfolk. My sister Michele who was driving from Philadelphia (with two kids in tow) swung through and picked me up at the airport. When she lifted the hatch on her SUV I had to laugh. Literally, there was no room for my two small bags. The space was packed to the ceiling with boogie boards, beach chairs, suitcases, bags of brightly striped towels and hardcover library books.

If my camera had been handy, I would have snapped a shot and called it "holiday."

We drove from Norfolk down to Nags Head and except for the 30 miles that normally takes, um, 30 minutes to cover, but on this particular Saturday took TWO AND A HALF HOURS to traverse (yes, thoughts of shooting yourself do cross your mind especially when the two girls in the backseat are looping Michael Jackson's "mammasay mammasam mammasasasa" over and over again). But there's gotta be a bit of grit for the pearl to form, yes? Because let me tell you-- I am in heaven.

The rest of our family arrived and lo, the week had begun.

Yesterday I woke up early, intoxicated with sweet morning sunshine and sea air, and walked, bare foot to bleached plank, straight to the edge of the walkway that links our rental house to the beach and sat, waiting for the pelicans.

They came.

They swooped.

And once again, they filled my heart with their poetry.

There was no resisting the water which is warm and so impossibly clear it's hard to believe you are in the ocean so I went for a morning swim, diving into the glittering path of sparkle that the sun rolled out to me.

Have you ever done that? Swam straight into the sun?
(NOTE: Highly recommended for purging and cleaning the soul).

Of course, not much can follow that besides hooking up with a yoga/beach goddess and following her to an Ashtanga yoga class that works every kink, twist and block out of your physical being. Damn, all I was capable of after that was a long nap where I fell asleep repeating to myself, "I'm on vacation, I'm on vacation, I'm on vacation."

Later that evening, after the kids were fed and down on the beach playing pirates and princesses-- I went into the kitchen and made dinner for the adults. I whipped up roasted red snapper on a bed of corn (cut fresh from the cob) that had been grilled with butter and slivers of red peppers. A garnish of fresh mango and pineapple chutney on top with farm fresh butter beans on the side . . sliced tomatoes and cucumbers with a garlic vinagrette rounded out the table. I love cooking for my family because they let me do whatever I want and are lavish with their praise. There is so much to savor here in OBX but my god, the fruit and vegetables-- all from the local farm-- makes me swoon.

This morning? Blackberries, peaches and blueberries on my oatmeal.

Oh baby. Happy first day of summer.

Bisous, E

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Steph says:
It sounds divine. Enjoy your well-deserved rest. xo
posted on: June 21

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Jazz says:
Ooooh. Sounds lovely it does. I envy you your time at the ocean. I never get enough ocean.
posted on: June 21

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Susan Dean says:
I am so jealous of your well deserved vacation I can hardly breathe. Have you ever been on a construction site in 95 degree heat. Well, maybe not 95 exactly. Anyway, seeing the ocean seems like something someone made up.
posted on: June 21

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jin says:
Ohhhh I am breathing it all in. Have a wonderful break. Happy solstice and lots of love xx
posted on: June 21

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Megsie says:
This sounds so wonderful. I have only been to the Outer Banks once, and it was such a fun trip. I love the ocean. I miss it, and can't wait to return to it sometime, hopefully soon!
posted on: June 21

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stef says:
oh, so very happy to see and hear you are on a much needed vacation and enjoying every moment of it. xoxo
posted on: June 21

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Margaret says:
Incroyable!! I love the beach, watching the waves, relaxing on the sand, etc.! Such ambiance. The menu sounds delicious!!
posted on: June 21

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jane says:
Happiness!! xooxxo
posted on: June 21

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Gregg says:
It all sounded so refreshing until the dinner menu came...and then is jumped up to exquisite!!! I just heard from my first wife that you were down there......ENJOY!!!!!!
posted on: June 21

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jen gray says:
beautiful photos beautiful you! xo sun swimming, yes!
posted on: June 22

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Swirly says:
Love that you are swimming in sunshine.
posted on: June 22

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Mary says:
Ahhhhhhhhhhh.... What a vacation! That's what it's all about! Have you gone rolling down the big Kill Devil Hills dunes yet??? And say hello to our fave spot Tortuga Lie. Have a blast!
posted on: June 23

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bella says:
Can I please jump right inside of these photos? I am loving these peeks into your little getaway with the family. I'm sure this is exactly what you needed after SAW's June session. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!
posted on: June 23

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