May 11, 2010 6:51 AM- sweet grass

All I know is that the past few nights I have been falling into bed after midnight and this morning the dogs were licking my face and hands as if to resurrect me from the dead-- and I don't think they were that far off.

I staggered out to the kitchen to discover it was five minutes to NINE-- in the morning. That's nearly noon, people.

Suffice to say, the only reason I think I am a morning person is because I (normally) go to bed early. The simple truth is, if I go to bed as late as I have been er, lately, there is no morning person to be found. There is a muddled, half-asleep, stumbling creature that looks as if she should be returned to the nearest lagoon.

One project that has squeezed the extra hours from my day that I didn't have to spare was this lovely event: the return of the goddess.

So worth it, and-- let's be clear as I whine between gulps of coffee-- it was my idea in the first place so-- bed. made. lie the hell in it. Yes?

Oh yes! The idea of going back to bed is sweet sweet sweet.

Almost as sweet as the May grass, n'est-ce pas, Daisy?

Photographs of all the artwork will be posted on line so you can see it-- and, perhaps there will be photos from the Opening this Friday night that I will post over the weekend-- I surely hope to. I have been missing you all and missing my scribbling time here, but I have never proclaimed myself a multi-tasker . . I am, alas, a uni-tasker.

Yes, we don't hear much about unis, do we? They don't get nearly the press that multi-taskers do, but I am here to say UNI-TASKERS UNITE! It's okay to only be able to do one thing at a time. Sure, people may mock you and direct you to the short bus, but we know better. One day at a time. One project at a time. One drop in the bucket . . . slow and steady will get you there.

(Although, fair warning to all you uni-tasker bloggers out there: you may lose your faithful readers to other better able, more multi-tasker, bloggers, alas).

More soon-- pinky swear.

Bisous, E

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Megsie says:
Well, you know that you will never lose me...I am a faithful fan, even when you pretend to retire and come back MONTHS later. This art show sounds so fantastic! I can't wait to see your posting with all of the pieces. NOW....go back to bed. It is NAP TIME. (Sleep tight...)
posted on: May 11

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Claire says:
Oh, would like to join Daisy in the May grass, it looks soft, mmm. x
posted on: May 11

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jill nalette says:
you won't lose me sweet, elizabeth! i love reading your words, seeing your photo's and being inspired. HUGE hugs and smiles~ jill
posted on: May 11

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Jazz says:
Well, at least you can be a morning person when you go to bed early. I can't even manage that...
posted on: May 12

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lizardek says:
Why didn't this show up in my feed? Bad RSS! May grass, May flowers, May sunshine. There's nothing I don't love about May.
posted on: May 22

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