February 03, 2010 9:18 AM- see you on the other side

Probably no surprise that this week has me buried.

It seems no matter how much you plan ahead, how many processes you have laid out, how much you think your little ducklings are all going to march around the carpet in a perfect circle before going to their appropriate nests--- unexpected twists will find you.

This morning? Peg's computer died.

But hey, at least I have pillows with which to suffocate myself.

(Peg made the two pillows pictured above from the tote bags we gave out at Squam in 2008 and 2009).

However, the good news about life is that just when you need to remember the important stuff-- you get an email from your mom sharing the note she got from your 8-year old niece (who lives next door to her grandparents and goes there after school each day).

Dear, Gram and Pere,
I might bring a surprise to your house tomorrow or today or another day. I know today is going to be a good day.
Well to start out with a good day is to do something.
So what do you want to do today?
(Pick something fun) that we all can do.
Pick anything. Anything is fine with me.


DAISY: *sigh* Wish I had a little girl to play with me.

Bisous, E

got 2 cents?

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lizardek says:
I just called Karin over to see this. Her reaction: awwwwwwwwww. oooh.
posted on: February 03

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jin says:
Good luck with everything, amazing E. I hope that at least some of the ducklings are toeing the line by now. This picture of Daisy has to be the best ever ever ever. xxx
posted on: February 03

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Megsie says:
Oh, that face, THAT FACE! How can anyone resist her? I know I couldn't. And your niece? I couldn't resist her either. Hope the computer crisis has been solved. The pillows, wow. I want a bag! I want to go! NO FAIR! (ach-um. sorry.)
posted on: February 03

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pixie says:
Got a girl for Daisy! And I'm sending you so much juju for those ducklings to straighten the eff up and march, soldiers! Please have a good week. And if that doesn't happen, please eat copious amounts of chocolate and think of your friends who adore you.
posted on: February 04

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Jazz says:
I haven't a doubt that you'll beat the ducks into submission.
posted on: February 04

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Jill says:
elizabeth, oh what a sweet niece, that stuff just melts my heart. hope those ducks buck up and start working correctly. much love my dear, HUGE hugs and smiles~ jill : )
posted on: February 04

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Becky says:
Those silly duck just need a few bread crumbs! Love the pillows. Nice, Peg.
posted on: February 04

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Steph says:
I think I might print out that note and stick it on my bulletin board for when I need a pick-me-upper or a healthy dose of perspective. Of course I can't print out that gorgeous picture of Daisy because Cassie (my Golden Retriever) will be jealous. But I can admire it here on your blog without her ever know about it! Here's hoping ducks will line up soon. xo
posted on: February 04

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Liz C. says:
Love that letter! And loved getting my class/cabin/roommate information yesterday! A big thank you to you and Peg for all your hard work. Cannot wait until September:) -liz
posted on: February 05

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bella says:
oh, miss BP ~ how i miss you. breathe in, breathe out.... cuz our ducks are NEVER all aligned perfectly, are they? :) hugs to you and Peg. xo
posted on: February 08

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gracia says:
'Pick anything'... yep, I like the sound of that. Here's to the year being bright and full of promise, and here's to February being kind towards you. g xo
posted on: February 08

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gracia says:
P.S. I've missed my visits to your blog.
posted on: February 08

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bp says:
gracia-- I've missed you TOO--- but I admit, you haven't missed much as my posts are pretty lame-o at present-- I have so much to share but not the time i need to get in here-- but soon soon, the biggest hit of registrations are likely behind me and things should be getting balanced this week. bisous!!
posted on: February 08

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hele says:
i can not think of a single thing to say - my brain is floundering between food insecurity and anthropology of sport papers - but still i wanted to say that here there is a cool autumn breee blowing that feels like spring and it reminded me of the sun on a table in on of your posts and i wanted to come see what you are up to.
posted on: February 08

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