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house of sand and fog
This film made my husband cry. In fourteen years, I have seen my husband cry maybe four times. I was very impressed with the film for its effect on my husband.

However, it really was too melodramatic in some places which is unfortunate. And, I thought the casting of Jennifer Connelly and the guy who played Lester was just flat out wrong. I like Jennifer Connelly well enough. She was just miscast.

What intrigued me about this film was its exploration of contrasting behavior and the consequences of irresponsibilty. You've got self-absorbed bitch who, due to her own path-ofleast-resistance approach, loses her house while she mopes about and half-asses her way through life despite obviously having been given many opportunities. Then you've got hardest working man of supreme responsibility who lives by a most daunting personal code of ethics and mores despite obviously been handed some of life's hardest tests .

Yet, for all his hard work. For all his extraordinary sacrifices. For all the love and honor he and his family exude. It is her actions of irresponsibility that destroy him.

I don't know. I don't believe I would recommend it to anyone. A bit dark. As a film I would say it was a bit poorly realized although the WIFE! Oh my god, the WIFE-- she was superb. But, it had its moments. And it made my husband cry which of course, moved me to sobs. So, hmmm. Kind of a strange one.

updated: May 02, 2004

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