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top 10 all-time fave films

In homage to High Fidelity (which I totally loved--I'm a big John Cusack fan), here are my top ten, all-time favorite films. I figured I should lay these out here since I've created this place to dish out my opinion. This way someone can review my particular bent and dismiss my viewpoint outright when they get a broader sense of my proclivities. See, it's all about the other person's needs-- never about me.

These films have had such a profound effect on me that they now form part of my DNA.

Babette's Feast

The Red Balloon

3 Days of the Condor

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Life of Brian

Local Hero

A Fish Named Wanda

Schindler's List

The Man From Snowy River

Animal House

Lost in Translation

Not an easy line to my heart, n'est-ce pas? (And yes, there are 11-- fuck off-- it's my list). Still, as I reflect on this composite (I've never thought to put them all out here in this way before so it's kind of weird for me, too) I can see how it actually captures all that touches me most in this lifetime.

Of course, I do have some runners-up, but you gotta draw the line somewhere.

updated: April 07, 2004

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