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21 grams

Eh. Didn't move me. Didn't inspire me. I felt the fractured timeline was an artificial device (already been done--in Pulp Fiction, it was a novelty. Now, it's just an artifice). Thought Naomi Watts had some very fine scenes, but ultimately the script was implausible making the motivation/behavior of her character pretty lame. Loved Sean Penn. Thought he was amazing. (He is really bringing on the heat these days-- he was superb in Mystic River.) Sean totally took the whole thing to the next level but it wasn't enough to save the movie. Didn't like the casting of Benicio's wife. Benicio was okay-- I'm kind of tired seeing him in the same kind of role. That's to say, bad guy with a good heart. The sex scenes were so unnecessary and provided nothing except a showcase for Naomi's nipples (which, let it be said, are rather extraordinary).

Overall, the subject matter was potent stuff but the exploration left me cold. Wouldn't recommend it.

updated: March 28, 2004

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