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Wyclef Jean, The Preacher's Son

Okay, the fact that I love this cd and have been playing it constantly for weeks should be cause for concern. I am such a loser when it comes to music. My m.o. is pretty pathetic: get turned on to something and play that almost incessantly for 6-8 months til I get into my next sound. (But don't confuse me with that wacko in London who played Whitney Houston's I'll Always Love You for days on end until she got arrested--though I remember having a certain compassion for her obsession-driven demise). In my defense, I can say that I've always been this way and it is not a sign of age. Ask my college roomate who thought she would have to kill me if I played Sexual Healing one more time.

Back to The Preacher's Son. Celebrate with Patti LaBelle just gets me going every time. I'm no music critic (see paragraph above) so I can't tell you why it's so good. All I can say is, it keeps me rocking in my chair as I put in the hours on my writing (except of course when I have to do a lift with my arms and raise my tush from the seat on her intoxicating refrain get up.)

But really? Music is all about the good times I associate with it and I first heard this cd on a weekend road trip to Boston which was sublime and this captures all the joy of what we did (dinner at Cootchie Cootchie in Central Square, shopping in Roslindale, splurging at Fresh, lunch at an Indian resto with an outrageous tikki masala and topping it off with a stop at Trader Joe's for blood orange juice and frozen wontons before I headed home to the uncivilized nether regions of northern yankee territory---ahhhhh).

updated: March 24, 2004

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