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When it comes to films, I?m the worst kind of audience?the all or nothing experience.

Either the film captures me, the direction is masterful, the story intelligent (and yes, I include wacky comedy under that heading), the acting genuine, and the dialogue memorable. If there are fabulous clothes or a male actor worthy of lust, that is just les cerises.

Or, the film has poor direction, stupid/implausible storyline, untalented actors and dialogue that causes wincing, cringing or otherwise makes my ears bleed.

It says more about me (and all my flaws) that I see films in such stark contrast. Alas, it is my truth?welcome to it.

Last night we rented Junebug on DVD.

All that I knew of it was the clip I saw at the Oscars of the red-haired woman who was nominated for her role as Ashley. When I skimmed the back cover, it mentioned an art gallery and outside art and I thought?sure, why not.

We watched it last night and I have to tell you, it captured me.

Hooked me, slapped me on the boat bottom, stored me in a plastic bucket half-full of brine before frying me up for supper to eat with cornpone. It was perfect.

I absolutely loved this film.

Here are my biases:

I?d never seen Embeth Davidtz before, but wow?did she portray urban sophistication with clean skin and Audrey Hepburn style!

Alessandro Nivola is my definition of perfection. He stole my heart in Laurel Canyon and I told him to keep it forever and he has.

And then, of course, there was Amy Adams. I suppose it was God?s perfect plan that I didn?t see Junebug before the Oscars or I would have smashed my tv set in protest that she lost to Reese Witherspoon for Walk the Line (which I also saw and haven?t bothered to opine because aside from that one scene where they are on stage singing together and falling in love which was fabulous the rest was so very tedious and so very?eh).

Have I lost you in my ramblings here?

It?s not that the film is so great just because of these actors--- but I can?t imagine anyone else in these roles---and the film is not a ?great? film?no huge meanings, no huge personal discoveries?so very, very small?so very very sad?very very sexy?and so very very funny.

Just my cup of tea.

updated: May 26, 2006

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