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rivers and tides

Sometimes things are so good that I feel even trying to express what I love about them detracts from their magic.

However, I bought this DVD after reading about it on someone?s blog last summer; she had written that she could ?watch it over and over.? I feel the same way--I WILL watch it over and over. So maybe someone else will discover Rivers and Tides as a result of reading this which could be reason enough to try and put some words around it.

No, sorry?I just sat here for 10 minutes, there?s no way for me to create sentences about this film. It defies my words because the experience is inherently non-verbal. It?s an experience. So I?ll just bullet out a few of the glimpses that I adore. Just know I love the whole film?every single frame of it.

~ The lamb that is born on camera

~ Goldsworthy?s groundedness to his own home place and how the longer he is there the more he discovers

~ When the water covered and then uncovered the stone sculpture in the sea, it took my breath away

~ My fingers ached when he worked with the reeds. It was so raw. So much pain woven into the art?and it couldn?t be any other way. He couldn?t make it wearing gloves

~ How awkward he and his family were when the camera came into their breakfast room. I love that they could not behave normally in front of the camera. I love how they made the presence of the camera so conscious to me. The camera was a foreign object and needed to go so they could go back to their lives.

updated: April 24, 2006

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