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The crazy thing is, both Tara and I had read the poor reviews. We knew this movie was substandard. And yet, we talked ourselves into it?Frances McDormand, Catherine Keener?surely they wouldn?t do a piece of crap?

And, we were not alone. Oh no. The Boston Common theater was filled to capacity. Every seat taken.

It begs the question, what was the draw?

When we left the theater and crossed the street into the Commons with a light rain drizzling on our heads, we were positively snappish in our comments.

?How could anyone read that screenplay and not laugh out loud??

?Perhaps there was no screenplay. Maybe they just wung it.?

"Wung it?"

"Winged it?"

?That could explain it.?

?There?s no explaining stupid anger. Pointless arguments. And, could someone please explain why Jennifer Aniston insists on playing these loser, downtrodden women? Does she think it is at all believable? Why not mix it up and play a sharp, put-together woman who has her shit together for once? That would be a refreshing change.?

?She?s got pretty girl syndrome.?


?Yeah. She believes pretty girls can?t be taken seriously so she wants to try and pretend she?s not pretty so people will take her seriously.?

?Well, it?s fucking annoying.?

?The whole film was fucking annoying. Are you kidding me? And then, she ends up boning loser boy the moment she learns he?s a millionaire? Hand me an air sick bag.?

?The set director should have their guild membership revoked STAT.?

?I know?one ugly ass set after the next. The very least they could?ve done was give us some good visuals.?

?Oh and the product placements?gag me.?

?You know what I find most puzzling? Danny Moder was the 2nd cameraman. Danny Moder. Julia Robert?s husband. Who we all know has no need of money. So, the implication is that he needs to keep working to keep his ?craft? alive? Are you kidding me? 2nd cameraman on THIS movie??

?He?d have spent his time better shooting SpongeBob taking a crap in the desert.?

?Amen, sister.?

updated: April 24, 2006

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