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Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine

The first time I listened to this cd it put me off-- tres cabaret, or so I thought. Hard to know how to categorize it anymore since I am now deeply, deeply addicted and believe it to be brilliant.

The first track, Extraordinary Machine, makes me want to put on black thigh-high stockings with a flouncy short skirt that doesn't quite reach the stockings, vintage heels and my hair in topknots, thick mascara and layers of lipstick. Er, sorry for the TMI. If that just caused your inner eye to bleed, my bad.

What I meant to convey was that she has climbed inside of me and I'm just her girl-toy. And yet, the reason I give myself over to her is cause the song is so damn empowering and electrifying.

"Get him back" is gorgeous in a totally different way. The whole cd slams with originality and clarity and a true voice. It takes so much for me to fall head over heels for a song let alone a whole collection.

But this one has me. And though I know there will come a day when I have overplayed it, squeezed every last drop out of it, worn it threadbare like flannel sheets laundered for the thousandth time, right now it breathes life into me like stepping out of a cab, dressed to the nines, walking into a chic restaurant where a table of friends are waiting for you to get the night started.

Feeling young, alive, full of possibility-- with magic sparkling as you shake your hair at the guy who was passing by but had to take a second look back.

updated: February 19, 2006

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