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finding neverland

I almost didn't find neverland. Ta and I were talking of seeing Hotel Rwanda or Million Dollar Baby. (For the record, Tara is a hard-core news journalist and it's not easy for us to go to movies together. In fact, I don't know that she has ever fogiven me for telling her to go see Pulp Fiction. She was HORRIFIED and left the theater and, perhaps, was scarred for life. Since that time I am careful to avoid mainstream movies or pop culture with Ta).

The activity of choosing a movie was a bit fraught with the ghost of days past since the last time I was down there I insisted we see We Don't Live Here Anymore and we all know how I feel about that.

So. I stepped wayyyyyyy back and said, "whatever you want, dear." Turns out, there was some magic in the air. Neither of us had even thought of neverland or mentioned it. And yet, when we got to Copley Place the only movie playing at 5:30 was Finding Neverland. Tara's face fell. Her nose turned up. I myself don't care for Johnny Depp-- but we both love Kate Winslett and what the hell-- it was a matinee-- our feet were tired, we wanted to put our bags down. We bought the tickets (and a small popcorn and a bottle of water for 7 bucks!!! SEVEN BUCKS for a bottle of water and 3 oz of crap popcorn-- what is this world coming to?)

Sometimes (always?) the best film experiences come as a surprise. Neither of us had any expectations (except perhaps low ones) when we went in. When we came out? Still snuffling and wiping our eyes. Sure, I'm a pushover, but TA? Sniffling? Wiping her eyes? She's not one to be moved by Hollywood's obvious sentimental crap. And though from the cooler distance where I sit today I could easily say, oh sure-- it was sentimental--- I STILL am going to see another two or three times if I can before it is out of theaters. I am definitely going to ask for a DVD of it for Christmas next year and I thought it was sumptuous and lyrical.

But now I'm afraid. Do not go into the movie with high expectations or I may have ruined the experience for you. You see-- I never liked Johnny Depp before and I thought he was brilliant, fucking BRILLIANT in this film. So low key. His Scottish accent so light yet consistent not like so many idiot hollywood types who try to do an accent and botch it scene after scene. Depp should get an Oscar nod for this. I would LOVE to see him WIN for this. Kate Winslett was delicious and lovely as always but the real treat was Julie Christie. And the boys-- oh my god where did they get these kids-- they make Haley Joel Osment look like one of the Brady Bunch. (Oh and Dustin Hoffman was good, too. Again, not someone I normally like).

Most of all? The spectacle of it--- the clothes, sigh-- the women's clothes especially, but ALL of the clothes . . . and the garden at the country house? Again, sigh.

This is just a great movie. Not great in a "fellini/art" sense-- great in the sense of a beautiful film.

updated: January 11, 2005

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