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If you're looking for long, deathly boring and fake fake fake dialogue-- check out this movie. Otherwise? Move along.

Did I mention loooong? Minutes that seemed like hours. And Boring? Relentless, tedious, and utterly predictable plotline. And inauthentic dialogue? Nobody talks or fights like the characters in this movie. Complete hacked up fiction of the worst kind.

Was I terribly disappointed? I was. I had read a number of good reviews and have a tremendous crush on Mark Ruffalo (which I'm happy to report remains intact despite his participation in this piece o'pretentious crap) and insisted we go see this instead of Garden State yesterday afternoon for which my friends are not going to forgive me anytime soon.

And the heavy-handed symbology of the flashing red lights? Oh. My. God. Who made this film? Some 13-year old who has just read The Great Gatsby for the first time and wants something "big and meaningful" like the billboard with the eyeglasses? Gak.

I can't believe it, but I cannot find one bit of this movie to recommend-- not the music, not the cinematography, not the acting (although props to Laura Dern for jumping in with both feet) and most definitely not the script or direction.

I was robbed. I want my Saturday afternoon back.

updated: August 29, 2004

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